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Sachin & Babi Floral Elegance: From Tuscany to Vizcaya in Miami

Miami Living transports you from the sun-kissed landscapes of Tuscany to the charm of Vizcaya in Miami in this behind-the-scenes Sachin & Babi photoshoot.

Inspired by Sachin's evocative vision of "Tuscany Floral Elegance," this photoshoot showcases meticulous artistry and fashion designs featuring vibrant prints infused with European allure. With Phyllis Lane behind the lens capturing every intricate detail and Brad Hendron lending a hand as the photographer's assistant, Neal Mei and Collin Westfall skillfully wield their cameras to weave a cinematic tapestry. Guided by the grace of model Breck Gambill and the transformative talents of makeup artist Mariana Hernandez and hairstylist Toni Feliciano, this narrative unfolds, showcasing the collaborative harmony that elevates fashion into an art form beyond borders.

"This collection was inspired by our trip to Tuscany, Italy last summer, and especially to the town of Fiesole. We were immediately taken by the colors and the florals of the region, especially while creating our vibrant prints. We chose Vizcaya because of its European feel. It’s a true gem in the middle of Miami where you really feel like you’re in Europe – which is perfect for what we’re calling our passport collection." Sachin


Photographer: Phyllis Lane

Photographer assistant: Brad Hendron

Videographer: Neal Mei

Videographer assistant: Collin Westfall

Model: Breck Gambill

Makeup Artist: Mariana Hernandez

Hair stylist: Toni Feliciano

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Sachin & Babi


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