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Royal Copenhagen Exclusives Blue Fluted Full Lace

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

The Blue Fluted Full Lace porcelain collection is a beautiful and intricate piece of craftsmanship. Each piece is made by hand and features a lace border with small holes and blue brushstrokes for added elegance. The design was first created in 1775 and updated by Artistic Director Arnold Krog in 1885. Today, it is part of the Royal Copenhagen Exclusives collection and is only available in Royal Copenhagen stores or online at These pieces are highly prized by collectors and showcase the fine porcelain craftsmanship of Royal Copenhagen. To learn more visit

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Blue Fluted Full Lace Plate

This beautiful, 27 cm Blue Fluted Full Lace Plate as a beautiful serving dish or a large dinner plate in a classic table setting. The plate from the Blue Fluted Full Lace Collection is hand painted with beautiful palmettos and stylized chrysanthemums, while a handmade lace adds the finishing touch of elegance. The epitome of porcelain craftsmanship, Blue Fluted Full Lace presents hand painted beauty at its absolute finest.


Plate with Double Lace Border

This 21 cm Blue Fluted Full Lace Plate with Double Lace Border is a masterpiece of handmade porcelain to set a table of unforgettable memories. Every small piercing in the lace border is made by hand in a star-shaped pattern encircled by fish scale decorations, creating a profound depth. The inner surface is adorned with a classic, floral pattern and stringent lines, completing the look of timeless beauty.


Half Moon Dish 21

As a piece that instantly impresses with its special shape, the elegant expression of the half moon-shaped 21.5 cm Blue Fluted Full Lace Dish is emphasised by a hand painted of floral elements and a fine lace border. The dish is ideal for use as a small side plate or serving dish for cakes and biscuits.


Teapot 100 CL

A stunning masterpiece of handmade details, the 100 cl Blue Fluted Full Lace Teapot impresses on any table with an intricate pattern of lace, floral elements and fish scale decorations. The laced border of the porcelain pot frames the lid in an organic style complimenting the edged body of the teapot. The handle and spout are supported by face-shaped decorations - so called grotesques - and the top of the lid is adorned with a snail shell.


Bowl with Lid 35 CL

The Blue Fluted Full Lace Bowl with Lid is good for smaller, individual servings or for storing treasured jewellery and keepsakes. The piece is skilfully decorated by the Royal Copenhagen painters, who have spent years perfecting this unique craft.

The epitome of porcelain craftsmanship, Blue Fluted Full Lace presents hand painted beauty at its absolute finest. The iconic, open-work lace border of the collection is carefully created, with each individual piercing in the lace delicately made by hand, and afterwards hand painted with the classic pattern of florals and fine lines. Elaborate with a passion.


By ML staff | Images courtesy of Royal Copenhagen


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