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Rossinavi Presents "BluE" – A technological Exploration for Eco-Sustainable Yachting

Rossinavi’s journey toward a new generation of superyachts continues with their participation in the latest edition of the Monaco Yacht Show which was held at the end of September. For the international boat event, the Viareggio-based shipyard presented an innovative and experiential booth to unveil the technology encapsulated in their recently launched BluE philosophy.

BluE is the result of Rossinavi’s continuous technological exploration for eco-sustainable yachting. Originally presented in June during Salone del Mobile in Milan with an immersive site specific installation resembling an underwater experience, BluE’s main vision and inspiration is phytoplankton. These microscopic marine algae have the ability to produce oxygen throughout photosynthesis but also to convert sunlight into energy for their survival. The link between the photosynthesis of phytoplankton and solar panels, artificially suggests a similar process. When everyone comes together to achieve a common goal, you do not have to be the size of an oak tree or a baobab tree to achieve it.

On the occasion of the Monaco Yacht Show, Rossinavi commissioned a street artist to shape the creativity for the external design of the booth, hand drawing a spectacular wave that was the main feature of the side facade. Upon entering, visitors would enjoy a break in the welcome area, before diving into the experiential room and discover the new and innovative technologies adopted by Rossinavi for the new line of electric catamarans throughout a set of dynamic screens.

Rossinavi’s booth at Monaco Yacht Show

In 2022, Rossinavi launched two concepts of solar-powered catamarans designed to respect the ocean: SeaCat and Oneiric. Both concepts have been presented at the Monaco Yacht Show throughout an immersive and multimedia presentation.

With the new line of electric catamarans, Rossinavi has pioneered a new type of sustainable navigation experience without sacrificing the comfort of traditional super yachts. The shipyard’s original idea was to build a high efficient hull with little friction when getting in contact with the water during cruising and the catamaran is the best compromise between movement and stability. ​ The multihull allows extra square footage on the superstructures so that it was possible to include as many solar panels as possible to allow for a navigation producing incredibly low emissions of fossil fuels. Photovoltaic panels absorb energy during the daytime and give this back to the boat itself but also to marinas or private properties. In addition, catamarans are known to reduce the generation of waves helping to preserve the very delicate marine environment.

Shipwrights are busy working on the implementation of the technological innovations conceived by Rossinavi’s technical engineering branch. Earlier this year, Rossinavi conducted tank tests on a catamaran scale model at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

"Our efforts are currently focused on a new generation of boats” says Federico Rossi,Chief Operating Officer of Rossinaviand we were incredibly proud to see that the model we used in Gothenburg performed perfectly, remaining perfectly in the margins as we calculated”.

Rossinavi’s booth at Monaco Yacht Show

At the Monaco Yacht Show, visitors had the opportunity to discover the technology behind BluE but also to appreciate Rossinavi’s constant research and development into the study of the different ways in which the experience of boating can be implemented which have led to the development of SeaCat amongst other recent boat concepts. These creations also feature Rossinavi’s evergreen Zero Noise technology for quiet navigation, which was also presented in Monaco.

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of Rossinavi


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