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Rolls-Royce’s Vision Next 100 Future in the Making

Looking towards the next 100 years, Rolls‑Royce has made a commitment to deliver unique works of art in each of their automobile releases. Rolls-Royce 103EX is their first ever vision vehicle, and embodies just one of the endless possibilities that awaits. The pinnacle of effortless autonomous luxury travel. This Rolls‑Royce’s VISION NEXT 100.

“Our vision, in its purest form, is to create the automotive equivalent of haute couture. This is the future of luxury mobility.”

Rolls-Royce has claimed that the future of their cars will be as unique as your fingerprint. Dimensions, form, space and materials – the drawing board will be limitless, and you will be the architect.

And for the first time, Rolls-Royce has developed artificial intelligence with a name and a purpose. Her name is Eleanor. Designed to be your personal companion to guide you and help you discover the world around you.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Rolls-Royce


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