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Deliciously Fresh Rivertail

Rivertail offers a unique dining experience for seafood lovers. Located right on the Riverwalk, Rivertail allows you to eat and drink on the shores of the New River. The foot traffic is entertaining, but not as distracting as the luxurious yachts that will cruise by during your visit. Whether you’re looking for waterfront dining, patio dining surrounded by the lush greenery, or indoor dining, Rivertail has it all.

This chic restaurant has become a go-to for seafood lovers. The perfectly crafted menu is truly filled with bold flavors from around the world. Afterall, this is not Chef José Mendín’s first rodeo—with restaurants in Paris and Puerto Rico, there’s no doubt the five-time James Beard Award-nominated chef would also bring the same magic to Fort Lauderdale.

Inside and out, this refined establishment has a fun Caribbean décor, with blue and yellow accents – Rivertail is classy, yet very inviting and trendy. The food is top-notch, fresh, and absolute seafood heaven. To start, the raw bar offers oysters and shrimp, but our pick was the Seafood Ceviche, this popular dish with hints of watermelon is delicious. The appetizers are a must, and you can’t leave Rivertail without trying the Crab Donuts. The perfect combination of sweet and savory, these plump masterpieces drizzled with honey and sea salt are filled with tasty crab meat that will take your breath away. And if you would like to try something a little more edgy, the Grilled Octopus is cooked to perfection and Instagram ready.

The Crispy Whole Snapper, one of the chef’s specialties, is such a crowd favorite that it is not uncommon for this dish to run out by the end of the night. Afterall, the whole fish sits decadently on the plate, it’s very hard to pass on. So put your order in early!

Another special is the Moqueca Mista. This Bahia-Style Brazilian Stew is served in a bowl and comes with an abundant amount of seafood and rice on the side—perfect to soak up those juices. This dish is warming and very filling. Another favorite is the Shrimp and Grits, perfectly seared jumbo shrimps served over cheddar grits, and topped with charred onions—this is one dish you can have any time of day.

While you might be leaning more toward one of the chef’s specialties, at Rivertail there is a wide selection of fish ready to be grilled—from snapper to blue cobia, and even an entire branzino with the head and tail on; add a side to share with your table, the brussels sprouts and baked potato will pair nicely with your option of grilled fish.

While there is no doubt the menu is seafood-driven, there is also a little something for meat lovers. Directly from the grill, the New York Strip is a delight, and for something a little lighter, the Wharf Burger is a classic you can’t go wrong with.

This trendy restaurant, in addition to having a unique dinner menu, also hosts various fun events throughout the week. Come every Tuesday after 5pm get a free taquito with every Tito’s cocktail purchase. Or come Thursday’s and get three oysters with every Martini. Join them for Happy Hour after work and take advantage of 99¢ oysters and $7 Rivertail Classic cocktails—the Mango Margarita and the Monkey Penicillin are both crafted with care, and not you dive bar well drinks. On the weekends, join them for bottomless bubbles and an exciting brunch menu.

Rivertail is setting a high bar for seafood restaurants everywhere, with great ambiance, and fantastic location, this is an establishment you can’t miss.

Rivertail is located at 4 W Las Olas Blvd Ste. 120, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.

For more information visit: or call (954) 306-2665.

By Claudia Paredes. Images courtesy of Rivertail


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