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Rising Tide Car Wash Expands to Coral Springs with the Opening of its Third Location

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Rising Tide Car Wash, a pioneering social enterprise with a primary mission to employ adults with autism, is pleased to announce the opening of its new location in Coral Springs. The Coral Springs location created 25 new jobs for persons in the community with autism and is 100% neurodivergent on-site. This is the first for-profit business to be 100% neurodivergent, especially in a fast-paced, forward-facing consumer retail service business like a car wash.

Photo Credit: Brian Soko Photography

With locations currently in Parkland and Margate, Rising Tide Car Wash totals over 100 employees with autism between its three locations.

Sitting atop a 1-acre lot, the new car wash is conveniently located at 10340 Royal Palm Boulevard in Coral Springs and is open daily from 8 a.m.–7 p.m. Following its groundbreaking in November 2021, the new location is a custom-built car wash featuring state-of-the art equipment offering two drive-thru lanes as well as 17 free, self-service vacuum stations.

Rising Tide’s unsurpassed car wash services, ranging in price from $8 to $25, include the Budget Wash, Wheel Deal, Protect & Shine, and Signature Ceramic. Rising Tide also offers an Unlimited Wash Club membership for a fast and convenient way to keep cars shining year-round.

“We are pleased to continue to grow throughout South Florida and provide employment opportunities for persons with autism,” said John D’Eri, CEO of Rising Tide Car Wash. “Our third location is intended to be 100% neurodivergent. We believe in the valuable skills of neurodivergent individuals and are overjoyed to bring at top notch service to the Coral Springs community powered by this workforce. We will offer young adults with autism the opportunity to realize their capabilities, gain confidence, attain financial independence, and make friends, all while providing a top-notch car wash experience to the community.”

Rising Tide Car Wash co-founders John and Tom D’Eri created the business to develop a scalable solution to employing individuals with autism. They were inspired by watching John’s son and Tom’s brother Andrew, a vibrant young man with autism, struggle to find his place in the world.

The City of Coral Springs, Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook, Coral Springs Vice Mayor Joy Carter and Coral Springs Commissioners Shawn Cerra, Larry Vignola and Joshua Simmons approved the new location in fall 2020.

The city’s building department has ensured that the location, which conforms to all of the city’s codes, will not impact surrounding neighbors. Rising Tide Car Wash will not impede traffic, and adheres to Coral Springs’ sound requirements, producing less noise than the existing ambient noise. Rising Tide installed landscaping which will also significantly reduce any noise. There is no lighted building signage higher than the roofline that would be viewable to the surrounding homes.

Today, Rising Tide Car Wash is one of the largest employers of people with autism in the U.S. Its current car washes in Parkland and Margate employ 80 individuals with autism. The premium car wash brand is staffed by professionals with autism for 80 percent of its workforce. The company has hired over 170 individuals with autism to date. Over 75 percent of alumni have or are moving on to new jobs in the community or higher education.

Rising Tide Car Wash has created an innovative model that intentionally designs the work environment in a way that empowers individuals with autism to thrive and produce extraordinary results.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Rising Tide Car Wash


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