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Revolutionizing Home-Buying: YoHouse Launches Innovative Online Platform for Custom-Built Home Orders 

YoHouse is proud to announce the official launch of online platform for custom-built homes. We at  YoHouse aim to simplify the homebuying process, making it as easy as online shopping. Operating  throughout the East Coast, our mission is clear: to make iconic architecture and interior design  accessible, adaptable, and convenient.  

Our online platform allows clients to order a YoHouse in 5 simple clicks: pick your preferred location,  choose a house model: YoBarn, YoModern, YoRanch, personalize your order, pick preferred financing  option, process your order online. This method is designed to be clear and easy for buyers, offering a  hassle-free path to homeownership. 

YoHouse was founded based on the philosophy that homebuilding should be a seamless and inspiring  experience. Combining extensive experience in real estate, architecture, interior design and  construction, globally recognized and awarded Yodezeen & highly experienced Argo Construction  partnered to redesign the entire homebuilding process. Our goal is to allow new homeowners to  replace stress with excitement, confusion with clarity and uncertainty with piece of mind.  

Each YoHouse project is architecturally designed and styled by Yodezeen and constructed by Argo  Construction. All house models are fully compatible with all US site configurations and organically  settle into any natural landscape. 

The company offers 3 distinct home models: YoModern, characterized by sleek lines, spacious layout,  and a distinctive glass core; YoBarn house, which seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern design  through the use of repurposed wood cladding and clinker brick, and YoRanch house, with its  transitional ranch architecture, layed out on a single-story floor plan. 

YoHouse is making a significant impact in today’s real estate market by prioritizing convenience  and ease in its approach to homebuying. "We respect your time: Get Paid If We Are Delayed" reflects company’s unwavering dedication to punctuality and respect for clients time.

By  implementing daily penalties for delays, YoHouse uphold the highest standards of accountability  and ensure a fair agreement from the outset. Your time is valuable, and YoHouse is committed to  honoring it with promptness and professionalism at every turn.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of YoHouse.


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