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Reef Revival: A Visual Odyssey For Coral Conservation

Updated: 5 days ago

Global Coralition (GC) has made a major splash in oceanic health by deploying the tallest underwater sculptures in the world, bringing innovative, science-based solutions that enrich the reef ecosystem. GC is teaming up with artist Layla Love to create the platform for Reef Revival, planned as a nightly, month-long, multi-sensory art event in Miami, the creative epicenter for the arts. The GC team has traveled the world, participating in numerous art shows and global initiatives designed to inspire the world while fostering awareness and sustainability.

Artist Layla Love envisions Reef Revival as a creative space for reimagining the future, taking visitors through underwater playgrounds and illuminating the value and legacy of GC's work.

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Reef Revival is planned as a travelling exhibition - starting in New York and Miami, then on to Dubai and London - which will merge art and science, launching a powerful call to action for coral conservation. This remarkable initiative by Layla Love and Angeline Chen & Kyle Block, brings the artists and scientists of Global Coralition along with their sponsors into the limelight. It combines the talents of artists such as Daniel Hopper and Samuel J. with scientists such as Keqin Chen (who's work won the 2018 Nobel Prize for Chemistry) and technologists such as Tom Chi (co-founder of GoogleX).

A Symphony Of Art And Science

Founded in 2017 by artists and divers Angeline Chen and Kyle Block, Global Coralition is dedicated to coral reef preservation. Their projects include mangrove restoration, advanced coral farming, underwater art sculptures, eco-tourism, and blue carbon financing for long-term conservation. One of their core initiatives is creating and deploying underwater sculptures, which are seeded using coral fragmentation to propagate more heat-resistant coral, transforming art into a living, evolving monument to humanity's reverence for the ocean and all it brings.

In 2023, they deployed the tallest underwater sculpture in the world - standing at 16 feet tall - off the coast of Dominican Republic.

The Visionary Behind "Reef Revival"

As Creative Director of Global Coralition, Love draws inspiration for Reef Revival from her breathtaking diving experience at the Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA), where she did a photographing series and installation entitled ‘Breath.’  She has since teamed up with GC to curate artists from across the globe to awaken senses with a wild array of installations and celebration of all that is possible.

Love's work is currently on display in the “Summer of Love'' showcase at Andy Warhol’s historical home along side Keith Haring and Basquiat until June 20th (private tours available), at Emillions Art in Naples, FL, and virtually on apparel and decor at  Layla Love Collection.  She often explores themes of interconnectedness and the beauty of nature, embracing her commitment to using art as a tool for social change in every project she undertakes. 

A Global Journey

During its projected 2025 ten city global tour, Reef Revival will bridge the gap between art and science with its interactive displays, holistic learning, educational workshops and immersive sensory experiences that will metamorphose with each location’s unique communities and roles in reef restoration.

Participate With Purpose

This endeavour to save the world’s coral extends a bold invitation to artists, entrepreneurs, and organizations to join forces with GC and Reef Revival. As the exhibition traverses the globe, it will leave a trail of inspired individuals and empowered communities, turning the tide for coral reefs and ensuring their survival for future generations.

A Call To Action

Global Coraltion invites you to join the mission to become Reef Guardians. Whether through collaboration, participation in cultural events, or simply spreading the word, there are many ways to get involved. 


Love's Reef Revival aims to highlight the critical importance of coral reefs, not only to marine life but also to our ability to thrive and flourish in this beautiful world—a blue planet with vast waterways covering more than 70% of the globe, providing us with more than half of our oxygen, and sustaining the health of our planet. 

Global Coralition is seeking the right partnerships and individuals who wish to contribute their knowledge and creativity to make these shows both mind-blowing and heart-expanding. GC invites you to contribute your passion, talent, and patronage to the mission of Reef Revival, an art show dedicated to the preservation and celebration of all that is possible when we unite. Discover how you can join this exciting endeavor by contacting Layla Love at

Our Why

In a world where our precious oceans are increasingly under threat, Reef Revival offers solutions and therein, hope. Through the combined power of art, science, and community engagement, this groundbreaking exhibition aims to ignite a global movement for coral conservation. By fostering awareness, education, and fundraising, Reef Revival promises to make a long-lasting impact on the fight to save our coral reefs. Embark on this visual odyssey with us for a brighter, more sustainable future. 

10 facts about coral and its importance to human survival and life on Earth:

  1. Biodiversity Hotspots: Coral reefs are among the most diverse ecosystems on Earth, home to approximately 25% of all marine species, despite covering less than 1% of the ocean floor. This biodiversity is crucial for the health of the global marine environment.

  2. Coastal Protection: Coral reefs act as natural barriers, protecting coastlines from the impact of waves, storms, and erosion. This protection is vital for the safety and sustainability of coastal communities.

  3. Economic Value: Coral reefs contribute significantly to local economies through tourism, fishing, and recreational activities. Globally, they generate billions of dollars annually in economic benefits.

  4. Fisheries and Food Security: Coral reefs support many of the world’s fisheries by providing essential habitats for fish species. Millions of people rely on fish from coral reefs as a primary source of protein.

  5. Medicinal Resources: Coral reefs are a source of new medicines, including treatments for cancer, HIV, cardiovascular diseases, and other illnesses. The unique chemical compounds found in reef organisms hold immense potential for pharmaceutical development.

  6. Carbon Sequestration: Coral reefs play a role in carbon cycling by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide. This process helps mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

  7. Cultural Importance: Many indigenous and local communities have deep cultural, spiritual, and historical connections to coral reefs. These ecosystems are integral to their traditions, livelihoods, and identities.

  8. Research and Education: Coral reefs provide valuable opportunities for scientific research and education, helping us understand marine biology, ecology, and the impacts of climate change.

  9. Ecosystem Services: Coral reefs provide a range of ecosystem services, including water filtration, nutrient recycling, and the support of marine food webs. These services are essential for the overall health of ocean ecosystems.

  10. Indicator of Ocean Health: Coral reefs are sensitive indicators of ocean health. Changes in their condition can signal broader environmental issues, such as ocean acidification, pollution, and global warming, prompting necessary conservation actions.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Layla Love & Global Coralition


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