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Radiance Unveiled: Malea Rose's Odyssey From Hollywood to Haute Skincare

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Discover the world of multi-hyphenate talent, Malea Rose, whose journey has taken her from the silver screen to the forefront of the skincare industry with her brand, Vie En Rose. With an impressive résumé that includes working alongside Hollywood's finest, Malea's transition to CEO of her luxury skincare company has been nothing short of remarkable. Vie En Rose's products have not only gained the admiration of A-listers but have also made their mark on the sets of hit TV series. In this exclusive interview with Miami Living Magazine, Malea shares her passion for skincare, the science behind her brand's latest innovations, and the unique ingredients that set her products apart. Get ready to delve into a world of beauty, luxury, and celebrity endorsement as Malea Rose takes us on her exciting journey.

Miami Living: Your skincare brand, Vie En Rose, has garnered the attention and praise of several celebrities, including actress Connie Britton and internet sensation Jake Paul. What inspired you to create this brand, and what sets it apart from other skincare products on the market?

Malea Rose: Vie En Rose was an outlet from Hollywood originally, I didn't expect such a large pivot at this point in my life. It was to fix my own skin, and I truly enjoyed the creative process, incredible learning curves, and never-ending challenges and problems to solve in entrepreneurship. As an actor or filmmaker, we tell stories to connect. As a brand, I still tell stories (factual ones) to connect. I think my meticulous attention to each detail and passion for clean, yet results driven, ingredients shine through in my products. Each piece is consciously sourced. I am an ingredient nerd, I know why each component is in each blend, right down to finding clean preservatives. There was a huge gap in the market in truly transparent clean products, that actually gave me results. I was suffering from skin sensitivities and painful rashy bumps and breakouts leading up to creating Vie En Rose. I was truly looking to find a cure to fix my own skin problems. When I was producing one of Jake's boxing events, I knew he was having skin struggles, and I wanted to make that superstar look his best. Which I think is such a wonderful testament to how incredible the range of success stories using my products is. Connie is one of the most beautiful women in the world, totally different skin, but her skin loves it, because Vie En Rose gives results. For all skin types, ethnicities, ages, genders. In creating this brand, I've built a community of brilliant minds around me who are always challenging and inspiring me to stay unique and in my own lane, instead doing what everyone else is. I like to celebrate the brand's uniqueness and even my own journey of teaching myself how to build Vie En Rose from the ground up, after 15 years of working in Hollywood. There's also this beautiful community of humans through social media I've connected with about health, confidence, extreme weight loss, self-love, skin issues -you name it. I love being in a business that promotes natural beauty and confidence. My products are unique because they actually work! Results results results!

ML: It's impressive to see that your products have had such a positive impact on celebrities and even played a role on the set of 'The White Lotus' Season 2. Can you tell us more about the journey of Vie En Rose and its involvement in the entertainment industry?

Malea: I am so lucky that the head of the makeup department for The White Lotus, Rebecca Hickey, is a die-hard Vie En Rose fan. She is always fully stocked with my products. She's amazing because her main focus on her celebrity clients is focusing on the skin. She has been using my Mile High Ultra-Hydrating Mist as a makeup primer, setting spray, and makeup refresher between takes, on her incredible actors since season 1. I can't wait to have my own White Lotus in Thailand for season 3... My mist is a celeb makeup artist’s dream and let’s be real, celebs can get anything for free and the best of the best. It's a huge compliment that I actually have real "pinch me" customers.

Vie En Rose is an extension of me. It's my baby. The entertainment industry has played a large role in my life and evolution to get to this place. The entertainment industry isn't for the weak or faint of heart, you gotta grow some tough and rough skin, I prefer mine hydrated and dewy. But there is so much crossover because I put everything I knew/know into Vie En Rose and so much of what that is, is to connect with others. To make people feel things. I believe how we feel is how we look. You wouldn't believe the amount of insecurity the most beautiful A-list actresses have. I am grateful for the tenacity that business taught me. It taught me how important lawyers and contracts are, how to be polite when your time is being wasted, and how to smile when I need to be political. Vie En Rose is still alive and growing because Hollywood made me the tough, insightful, unsinkable, strong woman I am. It also taught me how to take a really really hard punch - and get back up fiercer than before - metaphorically.

ML: Your newest product, Vie En Rose Ash and Smoke Creamy Charcoal Cleanser, seems like a game-changer for skincare routines. Could you explain the science behind this product and how it benefits the skin?

Malea: My new Ash + Smoke Creamy Charcoal cleanser is revolutionary! It is literally a pore eraser. When choosing my next product to launch, I asked everyone their top 3 skin issues, and everyone said "pores." The problem with most deep detoxifying cleansers is they strip the skin of its good healthy oils, along with the dirt and bad oils. My skin is way too dry and sensitive for that treatment and I always would gear towards creamy cleansers, however sometimes having to wash twice, but I never felt super clean. Ash + Smoke was formulated as the perfect cleanser. Jammed with activated charcoal which goes deep into the pores and detoxifies deep within the skin, removing dirt, oil, debris, and waterproof makeup! It is gentle enough to use on the eyes. I also filled the cleanser with rose stem cells with high anti-aging and collagen boosting qualities. 30 botanicals to cleanse, hydrate, replenish, soften, lightly exfoliate dead skin cells, coconut water for hydration, organic aloe for soothing, rosewater, hyaluronic acid- sooo many hydrating goodies. It is the only cleanser you'll never cheat on. I've been using it religiously for the past 2 years. It was my 1st formulation I signed off on because it was perfect. It leaves your skin radiant, soothed, dewy, and extra clean! plus it smells divine, and I love the creamy charcoal grey natural-color. I also got to launch it exclusively through Fab Fit Fun which was such a wonderful experience! Now it's available exclusively online at

ML: Vie En Rose incorporates unique ingredients like CBD and Cannarose. What led you to select these ingredients, and how do they contribute to the effectiveness of your skincare line?

Malea: Being a total ingredient nerd, I went on a quest for the most soothing, healing ingredients to clear my allergic reactions to other products and rashy breakouts. They were painful. I never set out to build a CBD company - I hate the negative stigma uneducated people have about cannabis. They don’t know more because the government basically restricts all real trials and marketing! It’s a joke. Back to skincare - I saw instant results with CBD when applied topically onto my skin. I was blown away by the instant results, it is one of the best anti- inflammatories out there, especially sensitive dry or acne prone problem skin - it’s a must try. It’s in some of my products because I love it and how it makes my skin feel and changed it. I created a trademarked proprietary complex exclusive to Vie En Rose, CannaroseTM. It addresses is the three main causes of aging: dehydration, inflammation, and free radical damage. I have tried every product on the market basically, I’m my own customer, critic, and tester. My products are so superior to others because they deliver results and are so clean. I love my current three launched SKUs: The Mile High Ultra-Hydrating Mist, The Love Potion Beauty Oil, and the Ash + Smoke Creamy Charcoal cleanser because they can work as a trio if you’re a skincare, minimalist, but if you have a pre-existing regimen, they work in beautifully, and you still see the same results.

ML: Transitioning from your career as an actress and writer to becoming the CEO of your own skincare company is a significant shift. What motivated you to make this change, and how do you apply your entertainment industry experience to your brand?

Malea: Everything is a business. Personally, I think every life experience is a step on the ladder that brings you to something else, it teaches you something else, that inevitably leads you to something meaningful. I don’t think most people understand how cruel the entertainment industry can be, especially towards women. We are all going to age, Hollywood shames you for the most inevitable truth of the human journey. It only celebrates youth. I remember a few months ago a much older gentleman who is very powerful in Hollywood had some things to say about me. Needless to say, this is an ogre looking of a man who has daughters my own age. He said I was a pretty girl, but I only had a few good years left. I just cried when I heard that, it hurt. Of course, it’s coming from a powerful white chauvinistic rich powerful man in Hollywood, but it still hurts. I only have a few good years left? Is this the Godfather? Why am I only beautiful for a few more years? My grandma in fact was her most beautiful later in life - god she was everything beautiful about everything. Fundamentally I was raised by strong intelligent women, I was never celebrated for that during my experience in Hollywood. Because of this I’m more protective of precious things and people. I can read a room within moments. I’m grateful for acting because I’m able to navigate some very interesting situations throughout my life. We mask so much of who we are every day, acting is about wearing the mask on the mask… I’m enjoying letting my skin breathe for a moment. I float like a butterfly…

ML: You've had the opportunity to work with some major stars in Hollywood. How has your time in the entertainment industry influenced your approach to creating and promoting skincare products?

Malea: I love the fast paced, rushed, chaotic, artist world I’ve been living in - sometimes! Working with incredible people like Halle Berry taught me to be humble, gracious, and kind to everyone. That beautiful soul treated every human the same when I co-starred with her in KIDNAP. I actually have to be so mean to her during the scenes, it was painful. Vin Diesel became a very dear friend because we shot the original web series for Fox that he directed along with Zoe Saldana, about his early life in New York. I saw Fast & Furious growing up, he was a star. I booked a little roll in his big show (they were testing his 20M Facebook followers at the time - this was groundbreaking). I decided to improvise that day, and give myself a real purpose for the show. At the end of the day, he asked me to come over and talk to him. My hands shook. He asked me my name. He told me my improv was brilliant and asked me what I was doing for the next couple months. In that moment, I learned so much about the world. I was terrified I overstepped my boundaries, that he was upset. I took a risk, I went off book, I made what I was doing important, and I didn’t let myself be afraid to take up space. So many of those lessons I use every day… and so many more…. Hollywood’s not going anywhere. I just want to continue creating beautiful things, whether it’s content or consumer goods!

ML: It's fascinating that Metta World Peace has joined Vie En Rose as an official advisor and investor. How did this collaboration come about, and what role does he play in the brand's development?

Malea: A wonderful series of events. I met his first financial advisor at a female founder’s event. I had a Vie En Rose pop up. Raj thought my brand was super cool and asked a lot of questions. I wasn’t ready and was scared to do my first financial raise - I have no MBA! But we kept in touch and at some point, we connected, and he taught me so many things about business and little did I know he was vetting me for his friend, Metta World Peace, who was building out AMG Capital early stages. We all connected, and the synergy was beautiful. Metta, like me, has had to fight the stigmas of his past, prove himself, and did the work. He’s fearless of reinvention, thinks outside the box because he’s untraditional like me. As a work best friend/advisor we just really work well together. He is the most respectful genuine human philanthropist, husband, father - cares about the world - empowers women, minorities, humans. Also, certainly changes investors and people wasting my time when I bring him into meetings. He’s a legend. Malice at the Palace? I’m sorry, but that’s exactly who I want on my team. The man who brought the house down, then reinvented himself again. We have so many cool things going on… Next year is going to be wild - in business.

ML: Your products emphasize both luxury and clean, natural elements. Can you share your vision for the future of Vie En Rose, any upcoming product releases, and what you hope to achieve with your brand in the coming years?

Malea: I’m launching in India at the end of the year which is the largest growing skincare market in the world currently! It’s very exciting and actually a meaningful responsibility to define a new era of beauty in a new country.  I’m always on the quest for fun collabs and new product launches. I just had a partnership with FabFitFun that went great! In February I’m going to visit the White Lotus 3 set in Asia, and I couldn’t be more excited to mix some business with pleasure. I’m kind of one of those always doing too many things, thriving in chaos, needing a nap - kind of a person.  I have more products to roll out, retailers to partner with. I’d love to bring clean affordable luxury to the masses now that I’m a bit more established in the upscale luxury space. I hope I can keep Vie En Rose scaling, being conscious, empowering, continue building this beautiful community, and really figure out how to take things to the next level. Then part of me wants to go retire on a winery in Italy and do absolutely nothing! But I guess I have a bit more work before that. 

Follow along for my never-ending random adventures and projects!


By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Nicholas Kalikow & Vie En Rose


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