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Pureology & Artistic Global Educator Jamie Wiley Miami Swim Week Highlights

Updated: May 12, 2023

Miami Swim Week returns after last year’s hiatus with brand new emerging designers, models and stylists to watch. This year the shows happening at the Faena location were sponsored by Pureology Professional Color Care.

Pureology is the #1 Professional Color Care brand in the US, delivering color-treated hair just what is needs while learning to live more consciously. That’s why they developed the cleanest products they can: professional hair care that not only maintains color and gives enviable health and shine to hair, but also protects the health of the world around us. Pureology’s formulas are 100% vegan, sulfate, mineral-oil and paraben-free, and highly concentrated.

Pureology’s Global Artistic Director Jamie Wiley

Pureology’s Global Artistic Director Jamie Wiley, along with her team were in charge of styling hair of all looks for the 10 of the most anticipated shows happening throughout the weekend. Jamie’s thought processing going into the week was to keep the looks fun, “Coming out of a pandemic it’s time to be playful and heat up in the sun so this year’s inspiration came from bright colors, lots of water, and embracing natural textures” stated Jamie.Wiley has been traveling the globe and educating industry professionals and consumers for the past decade while proudly representing Pureology: The #1 Professional Color Care brand in the US. When asked how she prepared for one of the first in-person runway shows since the pandemic she stated, “I prepared by the water! Going to the lake and being around water. I draw inspiration from nature and the energy outside.

Also gaining inspiration by doing my clients hair and what they are doing to their hair. Styling their hair naturally and embracing natural texture this summer (and beyond) by loosening the beach wave to a softer wave is pushing that look.” Jamie’s go to styling product throughout the week was Pureology’s Weightless Volume Mousse because of its versatility. As you can see there was a wide range of beautiful looks to perfect.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Getty Images


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