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Psychedelic Panel Series: Indigenous Community

On Tuesday, June 21 at 7 p.m., Nucleus will present its monthly Psychedelic Series at Soho Beach House Miami. Moderated by psychedelics expert Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA, this month’s panel will focus on the important history of psychedelics in indigenous communities and the role they will play in its future in mental health. Panelists include Tony Jusino, Brad Andres Calderon, and Nina Valencia.

The Psychedelic Series features experts in the psychedelics space including CEOs, doctors, lawyers and celebrities. The panel has expanded to locations throughout the country including New York, Chicago and California with plans this summer in the UK. Past panelists include NBA champion Lamar Odom, Stanley Cup champion and Wesana CEO Daniel Carcillo, Psilera Bioscience CEO Chris Witowski, PhD, Silo Wellness CEO Douglas K. Gordon, and others.

Robinson is Founding Partner of Mr. Cannabis Law – a full service law firm focused on the cannabis and psychedelic industries; Co-Founder of Mr. Psychedelic Law – a non-profit focused on psychedelic legal reform; Managing Principal of Iter Investments – a venture capital firm deploying capital across the psychedelic ecosystem; and Co-Founder of Nucleus – a platform with various tools to help guide individuals on their mental health journey.

Jusino is an independent researcher in the field of social sciences and a medicine facilitator of sacred plant medicines. His journey with plant medicines began over 10 years ago. For the past four years, he has been working with sacred medicines on his own and has opened the Celestial Alliance Native American Church. He specializes in Bufo, Kambo, Changa, Yopo and Psilocybin homegrown mushrooms. During the years he has developed his own style and techniques for hosting and running psychedelic medicine ceremonies, where he combines traditional native American ceremonies accompanied by music, song and vibration to induce higher states of consciousness. Recently, he has dedicated himself increasingly to spiritual research and expanding into detoxing and recovery helping individuals overcome psychological and mental health trauma or just looking for a new spiritual path in their life.

Calderon is a musician, artist, Yagesero and ambassador for Indigenous Communities in Southern Colombia. Calderon was born on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and moved to the United States in 2005. In 2010, he was diagnosed with cancer, which led him to immerse himself deep into health, nutrition, and self-healing modalities. In 2017, he fully cured himself of cancer with the help of traditional indigenous medicines. Calderon’s interest in plant medicine only began to grow, which drew him back to Colombia to learn more about the traditional ways these communities have been using and preserving this knowledge for millenniums. In 2019, he journeyed to Putumayo, the Amazonian region, in Colombia to commune and learn about the culture, medicine, spirituality, and rituals with different tribes throughout the region including Cofanes, Ingas, Kamentsas, and Coreguajes. As an active member of the Inga and Kamentsa communities in the Valley of Sibundoy Colombia, his mission is to be a bridge for the outer world and to bring the rich teachings, culture, and ways of life they offer to those curious to learn. In return, creating expansive prosperity within the communities, providing resources for the culture to thrive and preserve all while honoring and protecting their ancestral wisdom, traditions, territory, and language.

Valencia was called to her path of healing, ceremonial plant medicine, and spiritual empowerment at the age of 17 to save her life from a dangerous spiral of depression, and again at the age of 39 when she was diagnosed with uterine cancer and was healed completely with yage/ayahuasca. After her initial introduction to this sacred plant medicine, she trained intensively with different Taitas (indigenous shamans or "fathers") from Colombia and around the world, and soon after decided that it is her main life purpose and work to serve humanity in this way. Valencia was also part of the original group that brought indigenous medicine healers from South and Central America to Miami, which from there spread to other cities such as New York, Asheville, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. Now at 58, Nina has continued to learn from this medicine and has been independently serving the yage for 15 years with the support of three respected Taitas to serve medicine as a woman – a rare honor in her country, Colombia – which speaks to her integrity, wisdom, and knowledge of plant medicines and ceremony. Leading ceremonies worldwide, she also works with a variety of other medicines from around the globe. Valencia has been serving Kambo for 10 years and is an IAKP-certified Kambo practitioner bridging the indigenous and traditional practices of Kambo with modern science and traditional eastern healing, working with the meridians and chakras of the body to create safe healing and powerful transformation. Her mission is to continue growing while helping others open their horizons to health, prosperity, and spiritual growth.

The event is private and only open to Soho Beach House members.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Psychedelic Series


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