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Psychedelic Invest Launches New Podcast; Announces More Episodic Content in Pipeline

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Psychedelic Invest, an online resource educating stakeholders about the burgeoning psychedelic medicine industry, is pleased to announce the launch of the Psychedelic Invest Podcast. The company, which is a subsidiary of the holdings company, Nucleus, will be releasing one new podcast episode per week for ten weeks. With episodes currently running, season one of the podcast is slated to conclude on June 29. After which, a second season will be released, which is already being recorded.

The Psychedelic Invest Podcast is hosted by entrepreneur, business coach, and plant medicine enthusiast, Bruce Eckfeldt. The podcast is formatted around an interview series highlighting one personality, leader or organization per episode. The interviews range from 30 to 60 minutes in length and touch on the many facets of how psychedelic medicines will continue to permeate the mainstream and popular culture; and how that will affect investors, business leaders, and adjacent industries.

The first episode showcased Zappy Zapolin, psychedelic concierge to the stars, where he discussed his thoughts on how ketamine will change the world. Season one also includes interviews with the following industry professionals:

In addition to the Psychedelic Invest Podcast, the company plans to unveil a handful of content programs throughout the rest of 2022. On that list are ‘The Investor Hotseat’ and the continuation of ‘The Psychedelic Series’; both hosted by Dustin Robinson, founder of Iter Investments. Nucleus, the parent company of Psychedelic Invest, also plans to continue presenting in-person events throughout the year.

“All of this forthcoming content from Psychedelic Invest, combined with our latest version of our data platform, Neuly, and everything we’re building at Nucleus as a whole, is allowing us to satisfy our mission of destigmatizing psychedelic medicines,” stated Nucleus CEO, Logan Lenz. “We’re going to continue to build infrastructure around reliable data that fuels high-quality educational content. Doing so consistently over time is always the best way to push a movement forward.”

“The global mental health crisis is one of the largest challenges that the world is facing right now, and people are looking for information on how psychedelics can help,” said Robinson. “Our mission at Nucleus is to make the data and tools available to guide people on their mental health journey, and these podcast episodes and programs continue to help lead the conversation about the importance of psychedelics.”

The Psychedelic Invest Podcast is available to stream and/or download at and everywhere podcasts are available. New episodes are available every Wednesday.

For more information about Psychedelic Invest, please visit

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of The Psychedelic Invest Podcast


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