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PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health & Wellness Launches Holistic Approach to Treating Sleep Disorders

PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health & Wellness, an innovator in providing holistic solutions for sleep disorders, including chronic insomnia, sleep deprivation and REM Sleep Disorders, by offering a unique combination of clinical IV sleep therapy and IV hydration services, today announced the grand opening of their clinic in Aventura, FL and the availability of their PROSOMNIA Sleep® and PROSOMNIA Drip® IV Hydration Therapies.

Over 10% of the world’s population that experiences insomnia qualifies for a medical condition. The cause of sleep disorders such as insomnia not only vary greatly, so do the solutions available to those suffering from these conditions. In Florida, over 27.3% of adults under 65 suffer from chronic insomnia, according to a study from the University of Florida, with an overwhelming majority of them being women.

PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health and Wellness proposes a holistic approach to addressing a range of disorders associated with REM sleep in an effort to foster an environment where revitalized sleep health can be realized for those navigating through sleep challenges and related issues.

At the heart of this endeavor is PROSOMNIA Sleep® Clinical IV Sleep Therapy – a patented and groundbreaking approach to treat chronic insomnia and disorders associated with REM Sleep. It is the first, one-hour anesthesia-induced IV infusion clinical sleep therapy approved outside of a hospital setting for the treatment of chronic insomnia and REM sleep disorders.

PROSOMNIA Sleep® Therapy is a one-hour session where individuals receive FDA-approved medication that provides them with a boost of REM sleep.

“Sleep is an integral part of our health and wellness, and was most recently recognized by the FDA as a fundamental human need,” Nyree Penn, Founder and CEO of PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health and Wellness, said. “Our patented PROSOMNIA Sleep® Clinical IV Sleep Therapy is a safe, precise and effective method that goes beyond symptom relief to treat sleep deprivation.

We recognized the importance of quality sleep for overall well-being, and thus set out to provide safe, convenient, and innovative solutions for individuals dealing with chronic insomnia and disorders associated with REM sleep.”

With their cutting-edge approach, PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health & Wellness is committed to transforming the landscape of sleep therapy. The company understands that every individual's sleep needs are unique, and therefore, offer personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient.

By combining the best practices of modern medicine, technology, and holistic approaches, PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health & Wellness strives to provide comprehensive care that goes beyond symptom relief.

For more information about PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health & Wellness, their innovative approach to sleep therapy, and services, visit their website,, or contact their clinic in Aventura.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of PROSOMNIA Sleep.


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