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Private Cabanas: Meet the New Trending Experience for this Summer

The year 2020 brought with it a resurgence in swimming pool sales, however this year there's a new outdoor experience trending nationwide. Welcome to summer 2021, the year of the private cabana.

Whether homeowners are looking to lounge by their new pools, spend work-from-home days outdoors, dine outside with friends, or discover a tranquil spot away from it all - a cabana is the answer. And the king of all cabanas, Cabana X has just made its debut.

StruXure, the leading designer and manufacturer of modern-day pergolas, saw the need for an innovative, quality outdoor oasis, one you can customize right from your computer - and Cabana X was born. These stunning outdoor cabanas can be personalized to your backyard needs, offering features like motorized adjustable louvers, post height adjustable, controlled LED lights, and an app feature. With only a few clicks, a cabana you created will be shipped to your door.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of A Design Partnership


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