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Why Miami Residents Should Consider a Trip to Ontario

Updated: 2 days ago

Where are you thinking of going for your next break? The sweltering Miami heat and the  bustle of the city can leave you hankering for something different, perhaps a change of pace  and a switch in the weather. Ontario is a fantastic option, with all city attractions to hand but  with plenty of added benefits. If you are looking for your next vacation, let us tell you why  you should consider Ontario. 

Image by Derek Sutton / Unsplash

Why Visit Ontario? 

Ontario is the most populated province in Canada. It lies in the center of the country, with  Quebec to the right and Manitoba to the left. To its south, most of its border with the US  consists of rivers and lakes. Here you find the Great Lakes, the Lake of the Woods, and the  Saint Lawrence River. Most of this land is also arable, which for Miami residents is a  welcome change. Beautiful pastoral vistas and tranquil river scenes are aplenty, and all a  short visit from the main city of Toronto. 

Not only are the walks and hiking stunning, but the climate is extremely palatable. Winters  are freezing, but spring, summer, and autumn all provide a welcome respite from the Miami  humidity. In addition, many of Ontario's once-strict rules and regulations are beginning to  change, bringing more business and tourism to the area. For example, online slots Ontario are  now legalized. Most online casinos host a vast range of these games, with a number of  different themes, bonus features, and adaptations. If online slots are something you've ever  wondered about, Ontario could be the place you first give them a go. 

Image by Jan Weber / Unsplash

What to See and Do

Niagara Falls is a must-see natural wonder when visiting Ontario. Made up of two American  falls and one Canadian, you will need a poncho to deflect the spray. They're loud, but a sight  to behold. Cruises depart both day and night and should be easy to get on, even if you don't  book in advance.  

Aside from Niagara Falls, the great outdoors is a fantastic place to be.

Algonquin Provincial  Park is a haven for wildlife. Get a canoe and explore its waterways. You may see otters,  beavers, and the Canadian Moose.

For those who want the bright lights of the city, head to Toronto. Here you will find sporting  events, art galleries, world-class cuisine, and great evening entertainment. For a city, it is also  surprisingly green with plenty of parks and cycle lanes to get around in.  

Getting to Ontario from Miami 

There are plenty of ways to get from Miami to Ontario. However, most people will opt to fly  instead of take buses. In fact, in some cases, a flight is not that different in price and can range from $140 to $600. These flights operate directly from Miami to Toronto airport.  Several airlines have routes available, such as Air Canada, Aeromexico, and Air Transat. A  cheaper option is to travel to Detroit by road, and then get a flight from there.  

You can always decide to drive. On a straight run, this will take just over 24 hours. However,  this route should be savored as you get to pitstops in some of the USA's greatest cities and  hotspots. Pack up an RV and plan your schedule for the road trip of a lifetime.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Unsplash


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