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How the Signing of Calais Campbell and Marcus Maye can Boost the Miami Dolphin's Squad

Updated: Jul 16

The Miami Dolphins have bolstered their squad depth by bringing in two new players to  charge up their defence. With the team hoping to become formidable in the NFL, these  signings are poised to offer a high level of experience and leadership. We've explored both  player's stats and how they can improve the Miami Dolphins' side. 

Image by eileenploh / Pixabay

Dolphins Management 

The Dolphins have recorded two Super Bowl victories since its debut, going unbeaten in  1972 and winning it last in the 1973 season. However, the team has yet to have such fortunes  recently, losing its last Super Bowl tournament against the 49ers in 1984. It also lost the  Wildcard Playoffs to the Ravens in 2008 with Tony Sparano as its head coach. The  disappointment trailing the team has prompted a need for some fresh intakes. 

Its owner, Stephen Ross, bought half its franchise for about half a million dollars in 2008 and  an additional 45% of the team in 2009, increasing his investment to a billion dollars. Under  the American's ownership, he has attempted to revive the team to its glory days, reaching  three playoffs in 2016, 2022, and 2023. Although these were lost, these results had bright  sides, as the team ended second best in the ACF East in the last two years.  

As the franchise hopes to improve, there have been rumours of a shift in the Dolphin’s  leadership. The billionaire owner, Ross, had revealed he was negotiating to sell a minority  part of the franchise, including a portion of F1 Miami and the Hard Rock Stadium. Further  news disclosed that he rejected a $10 billion offer with the intention of retaining control of all  the entities and further boosting the Dolphin's strength before next season. Some team  building is already underway with the purchase of Calais Campbell and Marcus Maye.

Image by Keith JJ / Pixabay

Calais Campbell 

Calais Campbell joins the Dolphins after his one-year stint at the Atlanta Falcons. The  American football defensive tackle has started 225 out of 244 games over his 15-year career.  The 37-year-old has recorded 249 assists and 105.5 sacks in his regular seasons

His inclusion into the Dolphins team is necessary, to support linebackers Jaelan Phillips, 25  and Bradley Chubb, 28. He also brings significant experience to the team, reiterating that he  joined the team for an opportunity to win the Super Bowl, a trophy that has eluded him in his  fairly rewarding career. 

Marcus Maye 

Maye has played for seven seasons in the NFL, previously for the New York Jets and New  Orleans Saints. The 31-year-old has started all 77 games he played in the league. 

The Dolphins look forward to the American football safety replicating his 2020 stats at New  York Jets, where he defended 11 passes, and recorded 88 tackles, starting all 16 games he  played in. 

Impact on the Team’s Dynamics 

The additions of Maye and Campbell are not about individual talents but about a move to  improve team dynamics. Their combined experience and leadership skills can enhance the  team's performance and promote accountability and excellence. Here are some of the ways  their additions will impact the dynamics of the team in the future: 


Maye and Campbell can be a beacon to young players, standing in as mentors and providing  guidance on and off the field. With lots of experience, their professional approach to the  game can help shape discipline and better work ethics in the locker room. 


These high-profile signings will boost the morale and confidence of the current team as they  play alongside each other. Also, knowing that the objective is to build a competitive team,  they can motivate their teammates to improve their performance and possibly win the Super  Bowl. 


Combining both players will encourage and foster creativity in their defence schemes. The  flexibility they bring can disrupt opposing offences, making the Dolphins an unpredictable  and formidable opponent.

Final Thoughts 

The signing of both Campbell and Maye signals a commitment by the Dolphin's ownership to  building a competitive team. These additions are what the team needs to solidify its defence  for great potential in the upcoming season. With their strengthened defence and vigour, the  club's management has taken a significant step in their quest for success in the NFL.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Pixabay

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