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Cynthia Victor's Inspiring Journey from TikTok Sensation to Philanthropic Force

Introducing Cynthia Victor, the vibrant force behind the TikTok sensation "Shawtysin". As a Sri Lankan beauty enthusiast, body positivity advocate, and first-generation immigrant, Cynthia's infectious energy and relatable humor have captivated over 1.8 million TikTok followers. Hailing from Québec, Canada, and now residing in New Jersey, Cynthia juggles her studies in technology at Rutgers University with creating engaging content that celebrates her Sri Lankan heritage, shares beauty tips, and explores culinary delights. Beyond the screen, Cynthia is a dedicated philanthropist, channeling her passion for education to make a positive impact both locally and globally. Join us as we delve into Cynthia's inspiring journey and get a deeper glimpse into the life of this Sri Lankan powerhouse.

Miami Living (ML): Hello Cynthia! It's an absolute pleasure to have you with us today. Thank you for taking the time to share your inspiring journey and insights with our readers.  Reflecting on your journey as a first-generation immigrant from New Jersey to becoming a TikTok sensation and influential advocate for body positivity, could you walk us through some pivotal moments or experiences that shaped your path to where you are today?

Cynthia: Thank you so much for having me and listening to my journey. As a first generation immigrant, most of my pivotal experiences that shaped me to who am I am today definitely occurred in my adolescent years. I am a Sri Lankan American who grew up in Newark so you could definitely say I didn’t look like the norm. So people made it a point to go out of there way and talk about my looks. I grew up plus size so my weight and skin colour was something that someone in school or at home  would always have a comment on. I got called every nickname in the book for my skin tone and told to stop eatting, try these pills, or how I'm gonna regret the way I chose to live my life. I think in the beginning it hurt to hear but eventually I heard it so often that I stopped caring because hearing them say whatever they did, did not change the person I wanted to be. I know most of the people who made fun of my weight or skin colour just lacked a lot of knowledge, they grew up in ignorance and they were trying to teach it to me. So much of what I do now on social media is so simple, I'm just living and showing other people you don't have to be a on strict diets or bleach your skin to be liked. You can just be a nice human being. 

ML: Your TikTok handle, 'Shawtysin', is quite unique and intriguing. Can you tell us the story behind your Sri Lankan-inspired name and how it reflects your identity?

Cynthia: Whenever most people ask me how I got my username they think it’ll be a very interesting story, but I grew up in a place where men always say “SHAWTY” to call on a girl they don't know, and I made my Instagram at a very young age and I really liked "Shawty" so I added "Sin" to the end of it to touch upon my actual name, and boom! "Shawtysin" was born.

ML: You've mentioned your experiences with bullying during your childhood and teenage years. How have these experiences shaped your advocacy against bullying, and what strategies do you employ to address this issue within your community and beyond?

Cynthia: Bullying is a worldwide issue and affects anyone at any age. It affects younger children and creates the insecurities that adults have to work through later in life. Now I'm much more aware of how/why children and peoople project their own hurt onto others. My job online is to strengthen the way people feel about themselves so that no bullies can affect them.

ML: You're passionate about improving the educational experience for children, especially in urban areas. Could you share some specific projects you're involved in to achieve this goal? 

Cynthia: As of right now I havent figureed out the best ways to help the children in my area. But I believe the way to figure out the best ways to help is through the teachers, and my first piority is to make them feel seen and appreciated. I try my best to donate as much PR as I possibly can to my local highschool, and slowly but surely I will find the best ways to help the students even through my platform. 

ML: As a tech-savvy individual currently studying technology at Rutgers University, what's one tech gadget or app you can't live without, and how does it enhance your daily life?

Cynthia: Well there's the obvious TikTok where I make most of my content and scroll endlessly but learn a tremendous amount from. But one of my go-to apps that I can not live without is Google calendar. I just don't understand how people function without it. I have so many things going on from personal life to work and to make sure I dont overbook and/or forget anything, I make sure to mark every event and reminder needed in that calendar. Even if you need to just take a break sometimes, it's good to schedule in some time off.

ML: Your TikTok feed is a hit with millions, blending your Sri Lankan culture, beauty favorites, and foodie discoveries seamlessly. What keeps your followers coming back for more?

Cynthia: It's definitely the fact that there will either be chaos, the truth, a good story time, a bomb makeup look, or all the things combined!  

ML: What aspirations or goals do you have for the future, both personally and professionally? 

Cynthia: Personally I want to grow so much more. I feel like the first few years of life I was forced into school and told to learn, but now more than ever I want to learn more. The past few years I feel like I've been stagant and haven't been told to research or read, so my knowledge hasn't grown. I want to learn new hobbies, try things I never thought I could do, and push my boundaires. Professionally I think its time for a re-brand. It's been fun creating on TikTok because its so casual and people love relating to me, but i want to level up my content to a place where others can feel motivated to want to achieve more for themselves (just as other creators make me feel). I want to be respected  and proud of what I do.


By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Rony Anthony


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