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Presenting Ignacio Gana: From Artist of the Year at the Latin Grammys to Becoming the Most Sought-After Artist in Miami

Updated: Apr 15

Ignacio Gana is one of the most prestigious Latin American artists today. Currently based in Miami, his work is influenced by the spaces in which he lives, allowing him to imbue his pieces with a unique perspective, sophistication, and detail—elements that characterize his work, which includes monumental bronze sculptures  and Art installations.

Ignacio Gana

Through his monumental sculptures, he has become one of the most recognized artists in contemporary art today. His works are now essential references in important art collections and galleries around the world. His monumental sculptures can already be seen in the most prominent spaces in Miami, making him one of the most important and sought-after artists by collectors, developers, and interior designers in the United States.

Clavadista Mujer (Bronce y acero, 240 x 80 x 80 cm, 95 x 32 x 32 inches)

"I live in Miami, which allows me to be close to my studio and be present in each of the processes and the execution of each of my pieces, both in medium-sized sculptures and monumental ones, paying attention and working personally on every detail," he comments in an exclusive interview for Miami Living.

Flamingo Girl (bronze, 15 feet tall)

A lover of surfing and biking, Ignacio leaves his free time to enjoy nature and draw inspiration from the architecture and numerous museums in the city. "I decided to make Miami my headquarters, staying halfway between Europe, New York, and Los Angeles, places where I am regularly traveling between exhibitions, workshops, museums, and art galleries," he notes.

Today, Ignacio has become an artistic reference, with his collections moving through galleries around the world and the most important luxury buildings in the city. He has received all kinds of recognition, including "Artist of the Year" at the Latin Grammy Awards, which helped position his work as the main object of desire for important galleries, museums, and collectors around the world.

“This award places my career at the highest level of the arts circuit in the United States; it is one of the most recognized distinctions in the entertainment world alongside the Oscars. Being chosen as artist of the year marked a before and after in my artistic career. For me, it was very exciting, an honor, and a great recognition of my work," he stated.

Los Angeles and the Inspiration behind The Game

In addition to his unparalleled talent, his strong expansion into new markets on the West Coast of the United States, especially in California, where he is represented by the prominent Art Angels gallery located in Los Angeles, has been a driving force for his projection and artistic growth.

"I love cities that inspire me; I can breathe in the culture in Los Angeles, the music, the art, the photography… It is a city that inspires me greatly, just like the nature that surrounds it. After working with some of the most important galleries in Miami, I decided to conquer the West Coast of the United States through my new collection 'The Game.' I chose Los Angeles because it is one of the art capitals of the world and home to many personalities from the world of sports, as well as great collectors and art lovers."

The exhibition will include pieces conceived in noble materials such as gold, bronze, or giant marbles brought from Italy and aims to launch the artist's career to the highest level, consolidating his career within the United States by creating this series inspired by the essence of the city and the sporting icons of American football, basketball, and baseball.

Cabeza Colosal (Bronze, 40 x 20 x 20 inches)

It is an exhibition never before seen in the United States, where art and sport converge with the passion of both worlds. Such work is unprecedented until now. "Nothing like this has been done. It will definitely be my most conceptual and avant-garde work. I am sure it will mark a before and after in my career," comments the artist.

Plans for the future

"I am currently working on several public projects, including two monumental sculptures, each 16 feet tall, which will be installed in the city of Redondo Beach, California. Additionally, I am preparing the piece 'Diver,' a 15-foot-tall bronze sculpture that will be exhibited at the base of the tallest skyscraper in Brickell, Miami. I also dedicate part of my time to various commissions for collectors and developers in London and Dubai, as well as to my new collection 'SEDUCTION,' a collection of around 100 works centered on the seduction, sensuality, and beauty of women. This entire collection will be ready by 2025. This exhibition follows the idea of my swimmers but with a sexier touch. I can only reveal that the exhibition will consist solely of works inspired by women; they will be the protagonists of the show. Some of the works I have already been working on have been sold even before I have finished them; collectors who follow my career closely have written to me to secure a piece for their collection."

Home Sweet Home (Medium Bronze, size 23 x 11 x 11 inches, edition 10, signed)

Ignacio’s creative power, his meticulous execution, and the ability of his works to transport the observer into the world seen from his perspective - generating a pause, a moment, a journey - make his work essential both in private collections, new  buildings, public squares, and important avenues around the world , hand in hand with a unique stamp that makes it recognizable and universal.


By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Nacho Severin


Great article on Ignacio Gana, he is so cool, hope to read more about him and his incredible eork.


Ignacio is not only very creative, talented and original, he is also a hard working responsible artist, but most of all a lovely human being with a fascinating and charming personality.

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