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Pratesi Unveils AI-Driven Summer Campaign 'Casa Pratesi' in Collaboration with Hajar Ali

Pratesi, the esteemed Italian luxury linen brand with a 118-year history, has announced the launch of its innovative AI-driven summer campaign, Casa Pratesi. This new campaign is a bold blend of tradition and technology, featuring an artistic collaboration with AI expert Hajar Ali. The initiative aims to merge the precision of artificial intelligence with the artisanal craftsmanship for which Pratesi is renowned, redefining the concept of luxury living.

Casa Pratesi introduces an AI-designed Italian villa that showcases Pratesi's iconic linen collections. These linens transcend their traditional role, becoming integral elements of a living artwork that reflects Italian aesthetics and cultural heritage. Hajar Ali has crafted these virtual villas to align with Pratesi's design ethos, enhancing the luxurious appeal of the brand’s products.

This collaboration underscores Pratesi’s commitment to evolving while maintaining its heritage. The AI-driven campaign exemplifies the brand's dedication to innovation in the 21st century, demonstrating how craftsmanship and technology can create extraordinary experiences.

Pratesi, founded in Florence in 1906, has long been associated with luxury linens of unparalleled quality and elegance. The brand has maintained its reputation through a commitment to traditional Italian craftsmanship. Since its relaunch in 2022, Pratesi has opened new boutiques, including locations in Harrod’s, London, and Palm Beach, and expanded its presence in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

This latest campaign, combining advanced AI with Pratesi's storied legacy, marks a significant milestone for the brand. Pratesi's history began with founder Remigio Pratesi's quest to create exquisite linens, a tradition that continues to thrive today.

Learn more at Pratesi.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Pratesi


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