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Polo Ultra Blue by Ralph Lauren

Updated: May 23, 2020

If Dad is more of a traditional guy when it comes to colognes, then the new Polo Ultra Blue fragrance from Polo Ralph Lauren is an easy win. This new twist on the long-adored Blue line is lighter and fresher than its predecessors, with a strong hint of citrus. A perfect gift to refresh your dad on Father's Day.

The lightness is even portrayed in the bottle design, which maintains Blue’s traditional shape and shiny silver cap, but which is fully transparent on the bottom fading to a more opaque cobalt blue at the shoulders of the bottle.

Polo Ultra Blue is a refreshing fragrance that won’t overpower or project more than you want it to. Instantly refreshing, it’s great to wear in the office or throw on after a shower on a hot summer day. The added spice wakes you up and transforms into a salty, mineral scent that will have you yearning for the beach.

Ultra Blue is also a great scent to take a break from a stronger, more pungent cologne that may have become an unwitting habit. So if you usually smell Dad before you see him, this is a wonderful way to suggest that he cool the jets a bit and freshen up with a lighter scent for summer.

For a new twist on a classic fragrance, check out the brand new Polo Ultra Blue from Ralph Lauren.

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Story by Thomas Bender


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