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Poliform at Salone del Mobile.Milano

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Poliform is back as a protagonist, in the spotlights of Salone del Mobile.Milano: a long-awaited event, postponed over the last two years and now even more vigorously desired. It is a return in grand style, bringing the aesthetic canons and values that guide the company back to the fore: elegance, refinement, design, durability, versatility, among many others. They are illustrated inside a space of 1000 square meters, and embodied by new offerings in tune with an updated vision of a coherent, recognizable lifestyle, capable of establishing dialogue with contemporary trends.

Everything revolves around a central space with a distinctive circular form – a symbol of perfection, harmony and fulfillment. A piazza that encourages people to gather and interact, finally crossing paths once again. This place of encounter par excellence becomes the setting for the displays of Poliform at the fair in Milan.

With its fluid layout free of barriers, this fulcrum of the theatrical showcase is divided into two opposite but complementary areas, both with a focus on a world of relationships. On the one hand, business relations fostered by a relaxing, enveloping lounge area, where clients can enjoy the brand’s atmosphere, wrapped in the comfort of its offerings for the living area; on the other, the relationships of family life and socializing, embodied in a habitat concept that recreates a sophisticated villa in perfect Poliform style.

Inside this ideal home the rhythmical sequence of spaces creates an immersive pathway, leading from the entrance across two areas (a family room and a living room), all the way to the core of the project, represented – not coincidentally – by the kitchen. With its ample proportions, this zone is set aside to contain a multiplicity of habits and uses, with extreme functional efficacy. But the new activities required in the domestic environment are addressed in the next room, organized to offer a welcoming home office and a corner for reading, featuring a majestic bookcase. A cozy space that foreshadows the quiet relaxation of the bedroom zone. This aspect of the home is formulated in two separate suites, linked by a walk-in closet envisioned as an atelier: a large architectural chandelier looms over this microcosm devoted to beauty and personal care, lighting the richly accessorized wardrobes that form the perimeter and allow the light to spread into the surrounding atmosphere through glass doors.

The creation of boundless spatial horizons, encouraging interaction between individual areas, develops not only inside the residential setting, but also in the relationship between the interior and exterior of the architecture of the stand. Large glass openings with a height of five meters allow the gaze to cross the walls, entering the garden around the display stage: an enveloping, natural green area featuring works of art to add another touch of elegance and refinement, also in the outdoor context. Likewise, the house with its variegated décor tableaux becomes clearly visible from the outside, almost eliminating barriers and boundaries.

The total indoor-outdoor symbiosis thus becomes a metaphor of Poliform’s “green” approach, emphasized and illustrated, pursued with the philosophy of a Human Company, a vehicle of the highest ethical and deontological standards. Respect for the territory in which the company has taken form, and for the environment that surrounds it, translates into concrete actions that rely on technological innovation and a focus on resources. The direct consequence of these attitudes is the creation of products of maximum durability, designed for easy repair, versatile adaptation and effective recycling.

Within this naturally open dimension, architecture becomes soft and light: the “muted” black color that defines it creates a simple graphic sign in the space, allowing the pale tones of the spaces and the furnishings to emerge by contrast: warm hues, shades of cream and beige, exquisite notes of wood varieties like pale oak, to form a fil rouge. The stylistic consistency and uniformity makes the products and their setting become a single ambient: bookcases and systems, daytime and nighttime zones, go beyond their mere functions to become part of the structure itself. Smaller furnishing complements perform the task of accenting the spaces with color, thanks to the finishes and combinations of materials that stand out in the composition.

The visual impressions are joined by particular attention to tactile aspects: the entire setting becomes an all-around sensorial experience. Stone covers the surface of the living area, fabrics enhance the wall paneling, carpets soften the atmosphere in the bedroom zone, while elegant teak warms up the entrance area.

The multiple materials of the new products take part in this game of the senses, particularly in the case of the new textile coverings with a “green” identity: the new Poliform range focuses on structured fabrics, from the haute couture tones of bouclé to jacquard weaves in linen and viscose with an elegant, contemporary image, made with certified natural fibers or regenerated materials. A harmony of tones and combinations, reflecting the company’s sustainable and ecological outlook.

Every interior design detail has been developed to foster pleasant sensations, to pamper the imagination, to convey the full experience of a “Casa Poliform.”


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Poliform Miami showroom address and phone number:

Poliform Miami

4100 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 101 - 102

Miami, FL 33137

(305) 573-9950

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Poliform

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