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Poliform: An Italian History of High-Quality Furniture & Cabinetry for More than 50 Years

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Poliform is the Italian furniture and interior design firm located near Lake Como that since the ‘70s produces hand-crafted, high-end products where unparalleled quality meets the attention to detail to create an iconic and stylish collection. Its collection provides systems and furnishing for any interior space including walk-in closets, kitchen, bedroom, living and dining rooms.

In 2021 Poliform has enriched its collection, introducing new products able to confirm its quintessential style and upscale brand positioning.

The Poliform Miami showroom recently arranged a renovation of its interiors to welcome the pieces intended to sign an iconic step in the well-established tradition of the company to conceive pieces that are often used to become iconic elements.

A conversation with Luca Bizi, Director of Sales in Poliform USA has been the opportunity to collect a deeper perspective on Poliform and its approach to the Americas’ market.

MLM: Poliform is known for its incredible list of collaborators, like Marcel Wanders, Daniel Libeskind, Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina and Paolo Piva. How much does the American target audience appreciate the Italian style and a European influence in selecting furniture?

LB: Our clientele is made of international architects and interior designers’ studios and firms who do have a very cultured experience and are used to be fascinated by the Made in Italy products that relate to sophisticated attention to detail and obsessive research for quality in every single material part of our production.

Our customers do appreciate the Italian look and feel that embodies the Poliform lifestyle aiming at bringing the ultimate balance of elegance and modernity to the home.

MLM: Saint-Germain sofa system, Koishi coffee table and Le Club armchair are the elements designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for the living room where the French designer intended to transform any space into a familiar landscape. Which are the other products that do complete the 2021 Poliform products?

LB: Poliform has launched Alea Pro, a restyling of the iconic and consolidated Alea model, Alea Pro is characterized by the most marked expressiveness. The linear design of the original system has been reinterpreted considering a redefinition of the details, particularly with regards to the opening grooves, underlined by a profile that highlights the vertical and horizontal lines. The display doors for base units, wall units, and tall units create plays of transparency that give rhythm to the composition.

The result is a kitchen system that combines a very high operational capacity with a contemporary look, to be customized with a very wide range of materials and finishes.

Poliform has also introduced Code, the versatile wall system conceived for the living room where boiserie, suspended containers and shelves are reinterpreted as standalone elements or in combination with wardrobes and walk-in closets.

MLM: Can you let us know more about Poliform history?

LB: Poliform is synonymous with a luxury lifestyle, excellence in quality, and hallmark Italian craftsmanship. The brand’s vision is driven by the delivery of the highest quality and the sense of style for contemporary living.

Poliform evolved from a small artisanal studio and was officially established in 1970 by Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli, and Giovanni Anzani. Combining technical expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit, the founding partners invested in production technologies to offer highly functional modular systems that would meet shifting social and economic attitudes.

Since its founding, Poliform has grown tremendously, guided by the founders’ unique vision for contemporary living. Today, more than 600 employees are based within the company’s Italian HQ and factories, with over 800 Poliform stores located worldwide.

A leading player in the international furniture market, Poliform has remained a family business, making it the expression of individuals whose ties with the company are never separate from their own lives, passions, and aspirations.

Poliform is headquartered near Lake Como, in a region in Northern Italy with strong values, traditions and hard working culture. All production takes place locally in a network of factories located within a few kilometers of each other.

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MLM: When has Poliform Americas been established and what is its main business?

LB: Poliform started its North American operation in the mid ‘90s.

In the beginning the focus was mainly on closets and kitchens but as the company grew, we have started implementing lifestyle concepts in all of our locations. We now have 50 stores in the Americas and we operate directly in the NY, Miami, LA locations employing over 70 people between sales, designers, project managers and administrative teams.

As Poliform, given the wide number of products in our collections, we like to offer a full-service package: our customers come to Poliform to work with a firm that can provide them with cabinetry across the entire home, using consistency of finishes and details. This has been a tremendous advantage for our company and has helped us in creating such a successful brand.

We keep working hard to improve our products and services with the aim to offer the best design and the best experience to the many customers that believe in our brand quality, daily.

Poliform also offers creative resources to build custom solutions for large-scale residential and contract projects such as 57 Ocean, Arte Surfside, Ocean Park South Beach, L’Atelier and One Thousand Museum in Miami, among many others.


Poliform is located in the Miami Design District. Address: 4100 NE 2nd Ave #101-102, Miami, FL 33137. Phone: (305) 573-9950.


By ML Staff | Images courtesy of Poliform


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