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Photographic Alchemy: Unveiling Juan Sebastian’s Enigmatic Artistry

Colombian-born fine-art photographer Juan Sebastian is debuting “With the Voices of Other Eternals'' at SCOPE Miami Beach in partnership with photo basel, Switzerland’s first and only art fair dedicated to photography based art, from December 5-10, 2023. Sebastian will showcase 7 evocative and theatrical life size portraits of veiled bodies shot in grand landscapes. The collection invites viewers to connect with their lost childhood fantasies, sparking a collective reflection on the delicate balance between wonder and disillusionment, and the bittersweet realization that accompanies adulthood.

Inspired by the magical realism found in the works of literary luminaries such as Gabriel García Márquez and Isabel Allende, Sebastian masterfully blurs the boundaries between dreams and reality. Through his unique lens, he conjures a visual symphony where light and dark harmonize, unveiling the fantastical essence of both dreams and the subconscious. Above all, theater is the beating heart of Sebastian's artistry, guiding him in the choreography of veils and revelations. His haunting and ineffable photographs explore concepts of heritage, sexuality, and taboo, unfurling the transformative power of self-discovery. Each portrait, shrouded in ambiguity and mystery, challenges preconceived notions of selfhood, gender, and narrative.

Juan Sebastian immigrated to Miami at the age of 17. Sebastian earned an MFA from the University of Miami where during his graduate studies he took on the role of Professor. Sebastian’s passion for theater, fashion, and literature have woven the threads of fantasy and artistry into the tapestry of his life, influences that resound deeply in his captivating photographic creations. Upon graduating in 2019, he continued his journey as a Professor at Istituto Marangoni, solidifying his commitment to both his art and the education of aspiring talents.

Sebastian's photographs were recognized at the international art exhibition "SELF MEMORIES," in 2015 held alongside the prestigious Venice Biennale. There, three of his photographs, deeply rooted in his memories, experiences, and literary musings, showcased an intimate exploration of the human form. In particular, his enigmatic masterpiece, "One Piece Man," freezes life's fleeting movements, inviting viewers to contemplate the fragility of existence and its spatial boundaries.

In 2020, during the pandemic when most artists were struggling to have a place to create and store their work, Sebastian started Galeria Subtitulo, a gallery that supports artists of the Americas through remote residencies. Lorena Torres, an artist that Galeria Subtitulo represents, was recently featured in Victoria’s Secret ‘VS Tour 23’ documentary. She has passionately stated that “if it wasn’t for this initiative, I would have stopped painting.” Today, Galeria Subtitulo continues to support artists and their artwork representing a diversity of cultures, experiences, media, and styles.

Sebastian is currently writing his first photobook. The fundamental axes of his work explores self-portrait as a search for identity; time as the photographer’s reflection; the body as the space for intimacy; and fashion as a feature that shows simulation, theater, and death. Each series in his photobook represents the subversive dream worlds of Juan Sebastian, made up of elements that shaped him, from the formative genre of the magical realism literary writers who inspired him, to satirical theater, fashion, and his ephemeral early work. Each series in his debut photobook functions as a unique study of the body and its theatricality, as well as death and mysticism. Sebastian’s photobook will be available for presale Summer 2024 on

Sebastian’s work has been exhibited in New York, Miami, Venice, Barranquilla, Toronto, Orlando, and Palm Beach. He has collaborated with brands including Silvia Tcherassi and DelPozo.

Instagram: @juansebastianf

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Juan Sebastian


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