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Patou Presents “Rose” for Spring-Summer 2025

Inspired by the delicate color and flower, Patou Creative Director Guillaume Henry dubbed his Spring-Summer 2025 collection “Rose”. Rose is a color, a flower, a person. The collection invites us into a world where each element, from color to melody, expresses the essence of the rose. 

Rose’s wardrobe ranges from reassuring classic to bold. Navy belted jackets and white and baby blue pleated skirts segue to a palette of blush pink, lustrous bronze and polka dot prints. Playful silhouettes and dresses shaped as flowers highlight the transformation, revealing the diversity and depth of the collection. 

Patou Spring-Summer 2025 is a celebration of femininity, elegance and adventure, capturing the very heart of Rose. 

ML Staff. Content/image(s) courtesy of Patou


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