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Partner Tattoo: Ideas for a Joint Tattoo

Many couples immortalise their love with a tattoo - motifs that are worn by both partners are particularly popular.

The fact that love can go under the skin is proven time and time again by couples who have the same motif engraved. However, a partner tattoo is always criticised because a tattoo lasts forever compared to many relationships - and the motif is often regretted after the break-up. 

Small partner tattoos

But this doesn't always have to be the case - many people choose a motif that is symbolic and doesn't necessarily have to be linked to the other person, but can also serve as a reminder of a good time. Matching tattoos as partner tattoos therefore don't have to be cheesy; the name of the person you love doesn't always have to be emblazoned on your chest in curlicue lettering.

Partner tattoos can also be a style-conscious, somewhat daring accessory. (Also interesting: Planning a new tattoo? The 5 best body parts for a tattoo)

Tattoos don't always have to be obvious, large and unmissable, even if you might want them to be for your partner tattoo, which is supposed to reflect your love.

Partner tattoos can also be small and unobtrusive and still mean a lot. Like a little secret between the couple that can only be recognised at second or third glance. (Read more about tattoos in our big tattoo guide)

Another advantage of the small partner tattoo is that if the relationship comes to a painful end, you are not constantly reminded of it by a large tattoo - it is more of a small part, a small memory that you will look back on fondly at some point. Many couples have recognised these advantages - tattoos are increasingly common between the fingers, on the underside of the upper arm or on the foot.

Particularly popular is the classic heart, the wedding date, the initials of the other person or even a small symbol that stands for a specific memory that usually only the two lovers understand. Before diving into the world of ink, explore Richard casino bonus codes for an added touch of excitement and fun in celebrating love and memories!

Popular: infinity sign as a partner tattoo

The infinity sign has been particularly popular in recent years. It is worn as a necklace, placed on rings - and more and more couples are having it engraved on their ankles or between their fingers. The horizontal eight is a sign that symbolises infinity in mathematics and is a sign of infinite love for couples.

Partner tattoo on the finger

One place you can always look at, but which is barely visible to others unless they look closely, is between the fingers. Many partners choose to get their tattoo in this exact spot - because the motif only becomes visible when you spread your fingers. Small hearts or anchors on the back of the hand, which are immediately visible, are also chosen by the more daring. (You can find the latest tattoo trends here)

Partner tattoo with astrological motifs

Whether it's a special affinity for astrology or the mysterious and hidden aspects of the planets, sun and moon: Astrological motifs have become a tattoo trend and are engraved in a particularly minimalist and understated way. It is often the partner's star sign, sometimes a sun and many, like model Stefanie Giesinger and her long-term boyfriend Marcus Butler, have a globe engraved.

Partner tattoos with geometric shapes

One has a triangle, the other a circle. Geometric shapes also often adorn the upper arm or lower leg of couples. Many people prefer the simple shapes because of their simplicity. If you don't want exactly the same motif as your partner, you can have just the contours engraved while the other person has the triangle or square coloured in.

Heart as a partner tattoo

One of the classic symbols is of course the heart, which can be engraved in many different variations. Many wear it very small, as Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner once had it engraved on their ankle. Others like it a little bigger, have it coloured in or just have the contours engraved. (We have put together the most beautiful and funniest tattoos of football stars for you)

Anchor as a partner tattoo

The anchor stands for stability and the possibility of returning. It symbolises home and at the same time stands for hope - a harbour that gives you peace and a feeling of home. This is also the reason for the popularity of the motif, which many couples have tattooed as a sign of their bond. 

Skull as a partner tattoo

A rather unusual motif is the skull, also known as a skull tattoo, which is worn by a couple. It is usually accompanied by writing such as "I love you" and "Til Death." underneath the other person's tattoo. This tattoo seems more specific. However, if you are a fan of such aesthetics, you will certainly like a mutual skull tattoo.

Lion as a partner tattoo

The lion is considered the king of the animals and therefore symbolises strength, passion and devotion. Characteristics that many also relate to their partnership, which is why partners often opt for a joint tattoo of this kind. 

Crown as a partner tattoo

The well-known motif of the crown naturally promises that certain something, something almost regal. Whether on the upper arm, wrist or ankle, the matching tattoo fits almost anywhere. As a symbol, it stands for loyalty, dignity and honour in a relationship.

Heartbeat as a partner tattoo

We see a line interrupted by zigzags on the screen when our heartbeat is measured during an ECG. It is now also a popular motif under the skin - it stands for life and, of course, love and is often used as a symbol to show that you want to share this life and this love with your partner and experience it together. This motif is often engraved in a minimalist style and is particularly suitable as a small tattoo. A letter or name is often added to the ECG line.

Partner tattoo with Disney motifs

The Disney universe is characterised by worlds that, despite sadness, anger and pain, promise a happy ending in which the villain is defeated or converted by the good guys. Many also see their partnerships characterised by ups and downs that ultimately end in good. Whether it's Mickey Mouse's ears or Minnie Mouse's bow, Disney motifs are a popular partner tattoo.

It can be a reminder of a film you watched together, a trip to Disneyland and the motifs are particularly suitable for a small, playful tattoo that can represent the shared history of the relationship. (Read here how you can have a tattoo removed again)

Partner tattoo with birthdays and dates

For some couples it's the day they met, for others it's the wedding date, for others it's their partner's birthday. Years and dates are often tattooed on the forearm, ankle or wrist. Like no other tattoo, they symbolise a clear memory, a day, a moment that suddenly connects you with your partner.

King and Queen as a partner tattoo

The "King and Queen" tattoos are available in different variations. Some choose the symbols that are usually found on playing cards or chess pieces, while others have the lettering engraved themselves.

Whatever you choose, this motif stands for the way you treat your partner, which is characterised by mutual respect, honour and dignity for each other. (Filigree lettering or large back tattoos? Find out all about the latest tattoo trends for men here).

Puzzle piece as a partner tattoo

"I'm not complete without the other" is something you often hear one partner say about the other in a relationship. This is also the meaning behind the puzzle pieces that are often used as a motif for partner tattoos. 

Key and lock as a partner tattoo

Sought and found - no other tattoo epitomises this feeling more than the motif of the key and lock, which can usually be seen on the wrists of partners.

Partner tattoo on the forearm

The forearm is an inconspicuous, painless area that fits almost any tattoo. The partner tattoo is only visible when you lift your arm or reach for something - sometimes it can even be forgotten, which makes it all the more enjoyable when it flashes up from time to time.

Slightly larger motifs, such as astrological signs or geometric shapes, are suitable for tattoos on the forearm. But there is also enough space for longer dates or lettering. 

Partner tattoo on the wrist

If you want your tattoo to be visible at all times and want it to be seen by others, choose the wrist. This area is particularly suitable for smaller tattoos, such as the infinity sign, a puzzle piece or a small anchor.

By ML staff. Image courtesy of Marry Marvel.


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