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Oscar De La Renta Launches Pre-Spring 2021 Collection

When we started this collection in February, the world was very different than it is today. We soon realized that our work needed to reflect the new ways we now live our lives. But the more we considered change, the more we came to understand that our mission remains constant: to help our customers lead their lives with confidence by feeling beautiful. We believe that this collection strikes the right balance between change and consistency.

One of the constants of nature is the promise of rebirth in the spring. This joyful sense of anticipation and optimism is the inspiration behind the Pre-Spring 2021 collection, rich with fresh-from-the-garden hues that express and define Oscar de la Renta.

Saturated, bold shades grace solids and stripes, tweeds and florals. Palettes bring to mind vibrant bursts of crimson flowers, evergreen landscapes and the soft blue of a morning sky. Cutouts, appliqués, and hand-painting add a playfulness to complement the classic elegance that is Oscar’s signature. It is a collection that reflects a brightness of spirit and a belief that, no matter what, beauty surrounds us.

Words by Laura Kim & Fernando Garcia.

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Images courtesy of Oscar De La Renta


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