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The Art of Bridal Beauty: Oscar de la Renta's Dreamy Collection

A perfect wedding begins with a vision that dances through the bride’s imagination, culminating in the ultimate choice of the dress. The Oscar de la Renta Bridal collection brings this vision to sparkling reality, offering options to fulfill every dream.

The silhouettes are diverse and enchanting, featuring graceful columns, playful asymmetry, billowing sleeves, sleek mermaid profiles, and layers of voluminous tulle.

Botanical designs are abundant, with pressed flowers rendered in delicate appliqués on dresses, tops, and intricate straps that gently skim the shoulders and back. Hand-cut rose petals with thread-finished edges adorn bodices, meeting full skirts that blossom with individually applied roses for a fluid, organic effect.

This collection is a dream come true, a floral fantasy brought to life with the exquisite attention to detail that is the hallmark of Oscar de la Renta.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Oscar de la Renta.


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