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Orchids & Arts Festival at Miami Beach Botanical Garden

The Miami Beach Orchid Society, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, and Foundation for Emerging Technologies invite you to experience the inaugural Orchids & Arts Festival at the Garden. Our two-day festival will celebrate all things orchids and will highlight our Florida native orchid species, aiming to raise awareness about our beautiful, yet fragile ecosystems. The weekend will include:

Premium orchid growers market

Soroa Orchids • Orchid Eros (Hawaii) • So Orchids • Florida Orchid House • Jim-N-I Orchids • Mac's Orchids • Orchids in Bloom • Quest Orchids

Orchid related vendor market

OFE International Orchid Supplies • Kawaii Universe orchid clothing • Orchidabilia and Ingram's Better Orchid Books The Branch Imaginative Orchid Mounts • Glasshouse Creations Orchid Decor

Orchid Bench Exhibit

American Orchid Society (AOS) judging will take place on Friday afternoon and festival visitors will view the winners all weekend.

Public invitation: Bring your show stopping orchid on Thursday, May 2, 2-4PM or Friday, May 3, 9-11AM to be a part of the show throughout the weekend and be possibly judged by the AOS committee.

Arts presentations & performances

  • Harold Golen Gallery features orchid paintings by El Gato Gomez, Mariana Kojšova and others.

  • Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts presents: Orchid Adventure by Juraj Kojš, a series of short music, dance and storytelling performance activations about the Florida native Butterfly Orchid Encyclia tampensis featuring Pioneer Winter Collective, Miami Sound Choir and Betzaida Ferrer.

  • Orchid Music: A sound installation presenting sonifications of 15 Florida native orchid species DNA by Juraj Kojš.

  • The University of Miami's Frost Electronic Music Ensemble will perform orchid-inspired electronic music on laptops.

  • Rachel Joy Weiss will present a meditative and educational Augmented Reality Installation on Israeli orchid species in the garden's Gazebo. Orchid lectures Growing Tips by Carlos Cahiz (OFE International)Intro to Orchid Culture by Melana Davison (Jim-N-I Orchids)Cattleya Culture by Lou Lodyga (Esteemed American Orchid Society judge) For tickets and a full event schedule, visit General Admission $5 • VIP $25 includes 2 cocktails

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Miami Beach Botanical Garden


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