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OneOne Swimwear Brand Joins the Swim Week Roster with its Colorful and Sporty Collection

Updated: May 12, 2023

Flocking from the vibrant city of Medellin, Colombia with founding principles: sustainability, design - and a lot of color - ONEONE will hit the Swim Week calendar with a show that is sure to make a splash. Committed to sustainability and helping the planet one bikini at a time is the brand’s motto. “You order it, we make it.” says the brand’s founders, Olga and Santiago. No inventory excess means little to no waste and no deadstock. 50% of the bikinis are created from fabrics developed from recycled raw materials. A complete new wave for the swimwear industry - where eyes are on sustainability; ONEONE has perfected the manufacturing process.

A six part collection will comprise of ribbed textured fabrics, juxtaposed with solid, simple materials, shiny lurex and original prints on eco-friendly fabrics in colors that include violet, navy, sky blue, coral and a solid, classic essentials line of black, white, gray and ivory swim styles. Something for everyone and every day!

Founded in 2016, ONEONE is a lifestyle swim brand dedicated to creating beautiful, well-fitting suits for everyone. While “ONEONE” means “sand” in Samoan, it also signifies the union of two individual pieces to create one iconic style and the way the company is led by not one, but two founders, Olga and Santiago. “We met in college while pursuing law degrees. After graduating and earning our degrees, we chose to quit everything and pursue our ultimate dream:developing the high-quality swim brand that would become ONEONE.” says Olga. “We used our combined savings to design our first collection and shoot our first campaign in the Bahamas.”

Today, ONEONE employs over 300 female heads of household in a privately-owned factory in Medellin, Colombia. They foster a constructive employee-led management system, ensuring that the employees are empowered and provided with ethical labor conditions in a safe and healthy work environment.

ONEONE has been seen on celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Camila Coelho, Jessica Alba and Camila Cabello.

By ML Staff Images Courtesy of OneOne Swimwear


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