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Omni Beach Life Brings The Sultry Brazilian Beach Lifestyle to Miami Swim Week

Updated: Jun 28

Miami-based designer Dean Richards captivated attendees at Miami Swim Week with his collection of OBL Swimwear.  For Omni Beach Life, the beach is more than just a destination - it`s a lifestyle.  This Brazilian-American brand invites us to embrace the sun-soaked, carefree spirit of the exotic Brazilian shores and dive into the freedom of the fun, fit and fashionable beach lifestyle for which OBL designs are intended.

OBL Swimwear transports us to the golden beaches and vibrant beach culture of Brazil that inspired them.  Experience the combination of South American heat and laid-back coastal cool of the Omni Beach lifestyle.  The bold colors, cheeky cut-outs and barely-there string bikinis are designed to empower women with confidence and femininity; to feel radiant, fearless and alive.

"Self-empowerment is the essence of all artistic creation.  To be one's self.  To express one's self. judgement...not on command...not for the benefit of others.  For the sole purpose of releasing that which is locked inside.  Just as there is no limit to the grains of sand on the beach; the drops of water in the ocean, there is no limit to the souls moved by a truly empowered woman." - Dean Richards

Sustainability is a core pillar of the values at Omni Beach Life.  Dean says "If we want to live the Omni Beach life, we must sustain the Omni Beach life."  Through their partnership with 4 Oceans, Omni Beach Life removes 200 pounds of plastic and waste from our oceans each month.

"We take a wholistic approach to sustainability: environmental, social and economic."  With high quality fabrics and enduring styles, Omni Beach Life invites women to discard the trend of "fast fashion", encouraging conscious consumption.  OBL swimwear is priced to ensure no woman is excluded for economic means.

The freedom to be bold, fearless and unapologetically feminine.

To learn more about Omni Beach Life and to shop the OBL Swimwear collection, visit

Instagram: Omni Beach Life



By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Omni Beach Life

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