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NYC Taqueria Brings Authentic Mexican To Miami

Tacombi is a New York City-based Mexican restaurant that is expanding to the Miami area this Fall. Their upcoming openings will be in the tourist-centered Design District and Miami Beach, which will be an incredible new venture for the taqueria. As they make their way to the city of Miami, Miami Living Magazine is excited to welcome them to sunny South Florida. What first began on the beaches of the Yutucan, serving tacos out of a 1963 VW Kombi bus in Mexico City is now making its way to the popular city of Miami, Florida. Tacombi got its footing back in 2005 when they started serving tacos to the local community. “These dishes are inspired by authentic Mexican taco culture from neighboring taquerias.” Their most popular menu items are shared on their social accounts and are highlighted by the most elite food critics to date but this took a dream, a dedicated team, and a goal.

As the truck started gaining street credit they decided to take the next step and open 2 locations in Playa del Carmen, a major tourist attraction for foreigners alike. Fast forward a few years, Tacombi made its mark on what we like to call the “Big Apple” or New York City. Soon after their launch, what began as a truck on a street corner quickly turned into the Tacombi Flagship restaurant, Tacombi Nolita. Thereafter, Tacombi opened a few more locations across the state. With the new space, they were able to expand the brand, share their story and open two new locations in Miami, Florida. For more information, please visit

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Tacombi


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