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Nucleus Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Make Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy More Accessible

Nucleus, a venture studio for psychedelics, launches an equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder to expand on their vision of connecting people with the psychedelics industry in order to propel psychedelic-assisted therapy forward in an age where current pharmaceutical solutions in treating mental well-being are not proving to be effective enough. Being one of the first venture studios of its kind in the psychedelics industry, Nucleus has set out to provide industry-leading tools and opportunities to any and all stakeholders in the industry whether they be investors, potential patients, practitioners, or professionals.

The company, which is wholly owned by venture capital firm Iter Investments, has its own portfolio of assets, meaning all of its brands have been built to support its mission. Some of those assets include:

  • Neuly, a platform that allows one to access data and connect with industry professionals.

  • Psyrise, a marketing platform for mental health practitioners.

  • Psychedelic Invest, a platform providing insights for those investing in the psychedelics industry.

  • Psychedelic Finder, a white-glove service designed to match people with healers.

  • Matter Academy, a course aggregator with classes being offered by educators in the psychedelics-assisted therapy industry.

Nucleus’ community has over 50,000 members that contribute to over 100,000 pageviews per month. Their robust portfolio contains 12 brands, with more on the way.

“It is important to us at Nucleus that everyone who is interested in owning a stake in the world of psychedelic-assisted therapy have the opportunity to,” said Logan Lenz, CEO of Nucleus. “The stronger the community backing is in the industry, the greater the likelihood of changing the perception of psychedelics in medicine. We believe offering the opportunity for anyone to make a true investment into Nucleus via crowdfunding is the best way to allow our audience to own a stake in Nucleus and share in all of its success.”

Nucleus was founded by one of the top psychedelic funds in the industry – Iter Investments. Dustin Robinson, founder of Iter Investments, explains, “We launched and invested into Nucleus because my fund recognized that the nascent psychedelic industry had a lot of gaps that needed to be filled in to help the industry progress. Over the past year, we’ve built Nucleus into a revenue-generating business with a growing audience that has tremendous potential upside for investors. I’m excited to share this investment opportunity with the individuals that are passionate about this industry rather than limiting it to just a few select funds.”

To learn more about Nucleus and its community raise, please visit their campaign page on Wefunder,, and the company's website, The Equity Crowdfunding campaign will open for investments starting on Wednesday, October 26, and is the next step in growing Nucleus and improving mental well-being through the world of psychedelics.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Nucleus


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