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Nuba: Tailor Made Luxury Travel Experiences Since 1994, Now in the USA

The World is waiting...

With more than 25 years of experience, NUBA ( has not only offered one of the world’s best curated adventure and travel, but also revolutionized the luxury travel sector by providing a unique service that exceeds customer expectations.

NUBA expeditions was founded in 1994 as a small travel club specializing in discovering unexplored African territories, as explorers once did in the XIX century. The company name NUBA comes from the indigenous people who live in the mountains of Sudan and whom the founders had the privilege of meeting. The company reflects the great tradition and warrior spirit of the Nuba people.

NUBA offers the following travel services:

Luxury Safaris

Tailor Made Safaris in Africa

Flying in a balloon over the endless African plains, watching fiery sunsets, sleeping in colonial lodges in the middle of the savannah, having long conversations around the campfire after a day of safari, watching the mountain gorillas through the mist, living with tribes like the Samburu or the elegant Maasai are just a few of NUBA’s authentic customized African safaris.

Exotic Honeymoons

An Unforgettable Journey of a New Life Together

There’s no better way to start your life together with a unique honeymoon - from pure relaxation on a secluded tropical beach to sports and wildlife adventures.

Multi-Generational Family Trips

Creating an Album of Memories

Travel brings families together that grow in size and complexity over the years. And NUBA helps create shared family experiences and memories that last generations.

Tailor-Made Adventures

Life-changing travel experiences

NUBA travel adventures are designed to change your inner self and help you discover the Word by opening new perspectives.

Luxury Rentals

Whether it’s a villa, yacht or jet, NUBA brings family or friends together for a luxurious experience where memories are made.

Once In A Lifetime Adventures

If you are looking for something completely unique, the team at NUBA has extensive experience with once-in-a-lifetime adventures you will not find anywhere else.

NUBA’s Top Pick 2022

And what better way to start experiencing NUBA’s services by booking a North Pole experience:

OceanSky Cruises: North Pole Expedition

Be part of history and reserve a seat on the world’s first airship to land at the North Pole, brought you by NUBA and OceanSky Cruises.

Swedish operator OceanSky Cruises allows you to reach and experience the most remote and untouched regions in style and comfort, without leaving a footprint. Airships use Lighter-Than-Air Technology, offering a sustainable and carbon-free flight experience to travel luxuriously while enjoying large and comfortable cabins, lounges, a fine dining area and panoramic windows unlike any other current means of air travel.

Skip airports and connecting flights and fly directly to remote and unexplored corners of the world. Land on the North Pole by airship, the largest flying vehicle in the world.

NUBA’s North Pole expedition begins with an evening departure from Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost city, on the Arctic island of Svalbard. On the flight 90 degrees north, you can explore and observe wildlife such as polar bears and whales until sunset. The next day, wake up in a new world and take your first step toward the North Pole, a new world of endless white ice and vistas. Enjoy a delightful lunch at the North Pole before flying across the Arctic landscape back to Longyearbyen. Disembark the airship the following morning after a hearty breakfast.

Contact information:

Instagram: @nubatravel

Facebook: @nubatravel

TikTok: @nubatravel


By ML Travel | Images courtesy of Tom Hegen, Kirt x Thomsen and HAV & Design Q


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