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Nonprofit Executive Alliance Expands into Miami-Dade & Monroe Counties

The Nonprofit Executive Alliance of Broward has announced its new name, Nonprofit Executive Alliance and in partnership with PhilanthropyMiami, is expanding its impact to serve Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. Nonprofit CEOs in all three counties will come together in an effort to foster regionalism in the sector.

What began as a small but influential group of local nonprofit CEOs who recognized the importance and value of working together to solve big problems has blossomed into a coalition of more than 120 nonprofit CEOs that touch every corner of Broward and beyond, addressing every economic, social and health issue. The Nonprofit Executive Alliance is a social impact coalition of CEOs that advance leadership, strengthen local communities and provide a unified voice for the sector.

The expansion of impact and engagement into Miami-Dade and Monroe counties has come as a result of over a year of due diligence and an overwhelming need to better discuss, analyze and address these issues from a regional point of view. Powered by a 27-year legacy as a leading convener of the nonprofit community, PhilanthropyMiami will serve as the anchor for the expanded footprint, as the organization collectively establishes a new strategic ecosystem for the system of care and support that so many residents and businesses rely on daily.

This broader, regional alliance of leaders means more awareness of the essential role that nonprofits play in the community. While always a relevant part of the society, the pandemic magnified the role of the sector as the need for nonprofit services soared, yet donations declined due to social and economic uncertainty.

“If the last three years have taught us anything, it’s the resiliency and importance of the nonprofit sector and its ability to step up and show up for the community. With a growing membership of nonprofit CEOs that touch every aspect of the health and human service continuum, the value of this organization to our members and the community at large is immeasurable. We look forward to expanding our footprint and supporting our nonprofit ecosystem on a regional level,” said Executive Director, Sandra Veszi Einhorn.

The Alliance is positioned to harness the power of collective impact, innovation and rapidly changing times to have a deeper and broader influence on the issue that affect the community. By providing a place for nonprofit CEOs to network, gain industry knowledge and better connect with stakeholders across county lines, CEOs can be more effective at making a difference. This targeted regional effort will also seek to amplify how the Alliance engages business and government leaders in service through volunteerism, philanthropy and organizational leadership.

“The Nonprofit Executive Alliance and PhilanthropyMiami are founded by the common principle that we can best address the complex issues facing our communities by combining our strengths, resources and experiences. It is incumbent upon us to collaborate with other nonprofit, for-profit, and government entities,” said Fernanda K. Jorgensen, Executive Director of PhilanthropyMiami.

For more information about the Nonprofit Executive Alliance and its esteemed members please visit

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Nonprofit Executive Alliance


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