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Nini The Label – Handmade Fashion in Miami

Nini the Label is a Haitian-owned brand founded by Haitian designer Veronica Valme. She has launched three collections since the label’s inception in 2019, and her latest collection is a colorful summer collection playfully named “Island Loving.”

Nini The Label focuses on designing small capsule collections to perfect each piece and ultimately reduce fabric waste. The clothing is handmade in Miami and each piece is one of a few that are made with love; a total of 5 to 7 pieces are designed for each collection. Fabrics are handpicked and inventory is kept small to meet the label’s environmentally conscious goal of avoiding mass production and reducing waste. Nini the Label aims to be a sustainable clothing line that also eliminates plastic in its packaging.

Nini the Label’s target audience is girls and women between the ages of 18 and 30 who love fashion and want to feel and look good in their clothes. For the woman who wants to exude confidence, Nini The Label is the right brand. Since the brand only releases capsule collections, the customer knows that she will receive a unique and special piece.

Nini The Label is an online store and can be found either through the link in our Instagram bio @ninithelabel or online at In the future, the label hopes to donate a percentage of its proceeds to charities in Haiti, including orphanages and more. By supporting this small business, you are also supporting a dream.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Nini The Label


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