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niLuu, US-Based Luxury Vegan Wear Brand, Launches its Spring/Summer 23 Collection in Dubai

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

niLuu, the US-based vegan silk-wear brand inspired by beauty and compassion towards animals is expanding to the Middle East with an exclusive pop-up at Galeries Lafayette in Dubai to launch its Spring/Summer 2023 collection. This will mark the brand’s first touchpoint in the Middle East and extends the luxury brand’s mission to build a sustainable wardrobe from loungewear and ready-to-wear pieces to new key markets. An ode to founder Nilüfer Bracco’s rich heritage, niLuu’s meaningful designs celebrate Turkey’s full bodied aesthetic culture. Abundant in color palette, texture, and narrative, niLuu invites all to carry the spirit of intention into each day.

NiLuu’s coveted prints draw its inspiration from peace and harmony found in nature’s flora and fauna.

“For the coming season I am very excited to introduce our first Spring/Summer Collection: “Hera.” For this collection I was inspired by ancient Greece and Olympias, the strong-willed mother of Alexander the Great. I wanted to deliver a modern take on traditional designs with one shoulder dresses, long cleavage tunic shirts, and deep slit pants - reimagining them into everyday pieces for confident and empowered women.

Additionally, for the first time, we are introducing whites to our offering both with an exciting new print, the “Queen” adorned with exotic birds representing love, grace and freedom as well as “Magnolia”, a pure white with a rich Jacquard texture. We are complementing our color palette with a trend-setting bright orange, the “Tangerine”, and a lighter version of our signature fabric for the versatile “Noir” collection. Finally, we are also introducing “Cleo”, a seductive Python print representing Olympias and my love and admiration for serpents” – says Nilüfer Bracco, founder and creative director of niLuu.

While continuing its commitment to eco-friendly practices, niLuu delivers vegan silk pieces that are sustainable, biodegradable, and 100% certified vegan thus combining the iconic elegance of traditional silk with a socially and environmentally ethical production process. Made primarily from Bemberg®, a yarn fiber derived from a by-product of the cotton harvest, niLuu’s innovative vegan silk fabric is hypoallergenic, anti-static, easy to care for and it is also known to have several anti-ageing benefits. In keeping with niLuu’s sustainability ethos, its fabrics are Peta-approved as they are made without the use of any animal protein in the entire production process.

Embracing its core brand beliefs, niLuu partnered with PETA for an exclusive Valentine’s Day gift this past year to introduce modern vegan designs to Hollywood’s hottest couples. Glamorous unisex robes were gifted to 14 celebrity couples, including Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, Hailey and Justin Bieber and Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer. The brand is also beloved by celebrities such as Martha Graeff, Jay and Radhi Shetty, among others. Niluu’s coveted pieces are available at renowned retailers including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and now in-store at Goop in Hawaii.

The SS23 collection will launch on January 31, 2023 on and in-store at Galeries Lafayette in Dubai and will be marked by an intimate VIP and press event hosted by designer, Nilüfer Bracco. The new collection will be available starting January at followed by select retailers.

“‘We are thrilled to exclusively launch the world premiere of our Spring/Summer 2023 capsule collection at Galeries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall. We would like to thank the ultimate fashion destination, Galerie Lafayette for the pop up platform opportunity, a perfect location to showcase our sustainable ready-to-wear and loungewear collections” – shares Nilüfer Bracco. Pascal Abchee Galeries Lafayette’s Dubai General Manager adds: “We are delighted to be showcasing such a fantastic brand as it is our mission to bring the best of designs and fashion from the world to Dubai. But most importantly, we look forward to our customers discovering this new luxury brand that is cruelty-free and uses vegan silk-wear. We are also delighted that this collection is exclusively available at Galeries Lafayette.”

More on niLuu

niLuu is a vegan silk loungewear brand founded in 2020 by Miami based designer Nilüfer Bracco. Marrying the archetypal sophistication inherent to traditional silk with a purpose-driven twist, niLuu brings you cruelty-free vegan silk-wear to accompany you through your most treasured moments.

Blurring the line between loungewear and outerwear, luxury and sustainability, niLuu focuses on meticulous and timeless construction, welcoming an era of refined comfort with an earth-positive footprint. niLuu has partnered with 1% For the Planet pledging to donate 1% of its revenues to environmental organizations that work hard to protect our planet.

Made primarily from Bemberg®, a yarn fibre derived from a by-product of the cotton harvest, niLuu’s innovative vegan silk fabric is hypoallergenic, anti-static, easy to care for and it is also known to have several benefits for the skin. The breathable fabric helps to maintain body temperature and excellent moisture control; meaning the fabric doesn’t dry out the skin or hair in the ways that cotton would. The fabric also has minimal friction against the skin, which means it is also known to have anti-aging benefits.

An ode to founder Nilufer Bracco’s roots, niLuu’s meaningful designs celebrate Turkey’s full-bodied aesthetic culture. Rich in color, texture, and narrative, we invite you to carry the spirit of intention into whatever it is your day holds.


By ML Staff. Images courtesy of niLuu


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