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NFL Star Terron Armstead on Life in Miami

Welcome to an exclusive glimpse into the dynamic life of Terron Armstead, one of the newer sensations to grace the Miami Dolphins lineup.  Renowned for his exceptional athleticism, Terron has been a standout presence in the NFL since his debut in 2013 with the New Orleans Saints, and since joining the Dolphins as an offensive lineman in March 2022.  Little do many know that Terron Armstead is not just an NFL star; he's a lifestyle enthusiast, fashion aficionado, and a connoisseur of fine art. His life in Miami reflects the city's vibrant energy, cultural diversity, and luxurious lifestyle, seamlessly blending his passions with the lively spirit of the Magic City. In this exclusive interview with Miami Living Magazine, Terron shares insights into his personal style, favorite Miami haunts, and passion for art, offering readers a deeper understanding of the man behind the jersey and his indelible imprint on Miami's sizzling lifestyle scene.

ML: Terron, it’s an honor to have you with us today. Your transition from the New Orleans Saints to the Miami Dolphins marks an exciting new chapter in your career. How does it feel to bring your talents to Miami?

TERRON: It has been an honor and a blessing to have continued my career from New Orleans to Miami.  The Dolphins organization, the city, the team, all welcomed me with open arms.  Such a seamless transition that it has been truly amazing being a part of this organization.  Coming in with Mike McDaniel and his regime has been special.  It’s a great place to be, a great energy and environment, I couldn’t be more happy with where I am.  

ML: Miami is known for its vibrant energy and diverse culture. How do you think living in Miami has influenced your personal style and overall lifestyle?

TERRON: Miami does have so much culture and history influence.  So I definitely have been paying attention to the diversity that this city has, and I’ve been finding ways to tie into my personal style and add some Miami flavor into my style.  Just more of the linens, the silks, the button downs.  I try to be diverse and versatile with my style anyway, so just adding that Miami flavor really enhances everything.  

ML:  Over the years, we've seen your style evolve both on and off the field, your fashion choices often making headlines for their innovation and boldness. How has your fashion journey paralleled your growth as an athlete and as an individual?  Could you share some of your go-to wardrobe staples and how you incorporate them into your everyday look?

TERRON: I think that just evolving and growing as a man, as a person, as a professional throughout my career, there has been a lot of parallel and similarities on the field.  You get and you gain more interest in things, you put more thought into things as you play for so long, you try to keep everything new, fresh, revolutionary.  And the same with fashion.  

I used to love watching football as a youngster, and watch the players pull up in their suits.  Deion Sanders was famous for the "look good, play good" mantra.  So I got into the suits more.  I started working with this company out in New Orleans Lavoisier, and just working with multiple brands in general, trying to not be so trendy but instead create my own trends.  Especially for a big guy, it’s always been challenging for big guys to find fashionable attire.  So I love to put it on, I love to represent for the big guys and let them know that we can get stylish and fashionable as well.  

ML: Living in Miami offers a unique lifestyle experience. How do you make the most of your time off the field? Whether it's a favorite spot for a morning cafecito, a hidden gem for sunset views, or a must-visit art gallery, we'd love to hear about your favorite Miami haunts.

TERRON: Miami has so many hidden gems, and so many that are not so hidden as well. So many popular locations, events, just so much to it that people come down to Miami all the time.  It’s like the biggest attraction in the United States.  When I used to visit Miami before I started living here, I would hit the popular spots more.  I would go to South Beach and Brickell a lot.  But now that I'm living here, I’m a local now, so the small cafes, the mall, I have my favorite restaurant, it’s in Fort Lauderdale, it’s called Takato.  I am really close with their general manager, and that’s my spot.  Not too many people know about Takato, but I put it up there with Sexy Fish, Delilah, Papi Steak, and Prime 112 for sure.  Miami has so many spots.  

ML: Your passion for exclusive art is well-known, your home collection being a testament to your exquisite taste. Can you take us on a virtual tour of your art collection? What draws you to certain pieces, and how do you feel they complement your living space?

TERRON: When it comes to art, I have more recently grown an eye for and interest in art and collectibles and unique pieces.  I would say collectibles are probably more of my lane right now, and I’m still learning more about paintings and different historic pictures.  I visited Paris earlier this off-season, where I was able to see the Mona Lisa and all these monumental pieces, and it really just drew me more in and I want to learn more about art pieces before putting them in my home.  But as far as the collectibles, the Bear Brick, the Kaws, those are probably the two I have the most of, and it really complements my home very well.  

ML: Miami is renowned for its diverse culinary scene. As a self-proclaimed foodie, what are some of your favorite local dishes or restaurants? How do you balance indulgence with maintaining peak physical condition as an athlete?

TERRON: I covered my favorite spot in an earlier answer, so I will mostly tailor this answer to the second part of this question.  It can be challenging with so many amazing cuisines down here and types of food and cultures.  From Jamaican to Cuban, Italian, the Hispanic scene; it’s incredible.  So you definitely have to be disciplined and be a professional.  I’ve been in the league going on 12 years now, so you’ve got to have that balance.  I love to go out and hit different restaurants and try new food, but it’s all about not overdoing it and being a professional, sticking to your routine the best way you can.  I have a personal chef, Ronnie King, and he is incredible.  He keeps me exactly where I need to be.  He is a top chef.  He is the man.  I can’t express that enough.  

ML: The city comes alive after dark with its legendary nightlife scene. Do you have any favorite spots to unwind and enjoy a night out?

TERRON: Back when I was visiting Miami, before I became a Dolphins player and a resident here, I was here for more of the restaurants and the nightlife, much more than I am now.  So you have the popular spots like LIV on Sunday.  But now what I hit are the restaurants that transitioned into more of a lounge type vibe, so you got Komodo, Victory, Takato even - the spot I spoke about earlier as my favorite restaurant, which is right on the beach and it’s beautiful.  Playa Miami is one on the South Beach side that has a restaurant in it that transitions into a more lounge environment.  Those are the spots I like to visit.  

ML: Taking all of the above into account, what is your favorite thing about living in Miami?  

TERRON: That’s very hard to say because it’s a combination of things.  There are so many perks and benefits to being here, there really are no complaints.  The weather, the energy, the environment, the culture, the history, the diversity, there is so much to enjoy, so much to do, so much to learn, it’s almost impossible to pinpoint a #1.  I can say my team of course: being a Miami Dolphin is incredible, it’s a dream come true.  It’s just a whole combination of things that I just feel very honored and blessed to be here and be a part of this city.  It’s been incredible.  

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of EAG Sport Management


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