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Natasha Tonić New Swim Collection Will Actually Help Restore Endangered Coral Reefs

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Natasha Tonic, the acclaimed swimwear designer known for her unwavering commitment to sustainability with her creations of innovative plant-based swimwear, will unveil her latest collection, "Coral City," on Sunday, June 11, 2023, at Paraiso Miami Swim Week. In collaboration with Coral Morphologic, a Miami-based pioneer in the study and conservation of coral reefs, Tonics’ coral-inspired swimwear generates awareness of the dangers facing coral reefs worldwide.

Natasha Tonic takes the commitment to sustainability one step further by planting one coral for every swimsuit purchased. Pieces in the collection feature coral designs inspired by Miami’s reefs and the pioneers working to restore them - Coral Morphologic and their Coral City Camera. Corals will be planted on the reefs of Bali by the Indonesian non-profit Ocean Gardener which has developed a restoration technique that uses organic ropes and wooden stakes to restore damaged reefs without the use of plastics.

The "Coral City" collection features a stunning array of one-piece swimsuits and bikinis adorned with intricate coral prints and textures inspired by Coral Morphologic's scientific research. Each piece explores the beauty and complexity of coral reefs with prints taken from real corals grown in Coral Morphologic’s lab. Dominant colors such as electric green, coral orange, white coral, and Pacific blue are used to simulate the living and endangered corals found in reefs off Miami’s coastlines. Embracing the use of natural, plant-based materials, Natasha uses breathable hemp fabric in every piece she created to further minimize environmental impact. Each look on the runway will be paired with a piece from Tonic’s new jewelry line, a special collaboration with designer Tiffany Kunz. Just like the garments, these exquisite pieces draw inspiration from the ocean reefs with meticulously crafted chokers featuring hand-sculpted coral forms and delicate pearls, capturing the essence of the sea. To further compliment the collection, Tonic will debut a variety of lightweight shrugs and long gloves which lend a modern touch and serve as a natural shield against the suns' harmful rays.

“I create collections when I feel there’s an environmental message to share,” says Natasha Tonić. “This time around I wanted to direct attention to worldwide endangered corals and offer a way to lend support. We’ve partnered with local Miami coral experts to donate 10% of sales to Coral Morphologic and another 10% to an Indonesian non-profit, Ocean Gardener”.

To lend support to the critical issue of coral reefs, Tonic has pledged to donate 10% of the collection's proceeds to Coral Morphologic and another 10% to the Indonesian non-profit Ocean Gardener, an organization in Bali that has developed a restoration technique to aid damaged reefs without the use of plastics. Inspired by their revolutionary efforts, Tonic is taking her commitment one step further by working with the organization to plant one coral for every swimsuit sold, breathing new life into these delicate ecosystems. With each piece of the collection serving as an opportunity to lend support, jewelry partner Tiffany Kunz will also donate 10% of proceeds to a non-profit organization in Costa Rica, which focuses on transporting recovered corals to their natural habitats. Tonic's collaboration with the organization focused on the importance of protecting coral reefs and their ecosystems, fostering a symbiotic relationship between fashion and the environment.

Photo by Rodney Ray

"We are thrilled to partner with Coral Morphologic and Ocean Gardener to share awareness and educate communities about the importance of coral reef conservation, an environmental issue that affects our oceans and waterside cities like Miami," said Natasha Tonic. "Our goal with this collection is to first showcase the beauty of these vibrant ecosystems and inspire people to take action to protect them," she adds.

The ethically-made collection serves as one of many reasons Natasha has been recognized as Sports Illustrated’s 2023 Sustainable Swimsuit Designer of The Year.

The show will take place Sunday, June 11 at 6:00PM at the Paraiso tent in Collins Park. The original score for this production, composed by Kimi Recor, eloquently captures the intricate dynamics of water's movement and the diverse realms it traverses, providing a rich and evocative musical backdrop to the show's narrative. The collection will be immediately available for purchase online after the fashion show, directly through the brand's website at A link to register to RSVP to attend is located HERE.

Photo by Gemma Totten & Ahmet Uras

About Natasha Tonic

Natasha Tonić is a pioneer in the plant-based swimwear movement. In 2017, she began raising awareness about microfiber pollution and the detrimental effects of petroleum-based fabrics like polyester, nylon, and polyamide on the environment. Despite initial resistance, her message gained traction, and major eco-friendly influencers like Venetia La Mana and the Stories Behind Things began supporting her cause. Today, plant-based swimwear has become an industry standard, and Natasha has inspired fabric producers to look beyond traditional materials. Her message is clear: if we don't address the problem of microfiber pollution now, it could have dire consequences for our health and the environment in the future.

About Coral Morphologic

Coral Morphologic is a Miami-based company that studies and preserves coral reefs through art and science. Their work has been featured in major museums and exhibitions worldwide, and their research has contributed to a greater understanding of coral reef ecosystems.

About Ocean Gardner

Ocean Gardener is an NGO based in Bali Indonesia dedicated to coral reef education and coral reef restoration. Since 2016 the organization has planted over 50,000 coral fragments and counting back to the reef.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Natasha Tonic


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