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Natalie Annette–Entrepreneur, Interior Designer, Product Designer, and Author

Updated: May 12, 2023

Natalie Annette … Entrepreneur, Interior Designer, Product Designer, and Author was inspired by gatherings with friends and family to share meals and joyful reflections. Natalie Annette created a product line that celebrates life with color yet has a distinctive and comfortable design. The Jubilee Collection is the perfect touch of artisan elegance for everyday and special occasions. Set in a vivid palette of six colors to add eclectic style to your table, this fanciful pattern has elegance with a touch of gold. BOLD. UNIQUE. ARTISTIC. These words describe not only The Jubilee Collection, they could also be ascribed to Natalie Annette herself. Her artistic eye has turned to design luxury tableware for those who appreciate entertaining guests. The Jubilee Collection by Natalie Annette was invited to the publication “Strive for Perfection” in honor of the late Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration and 95th Birthday Celebration.

The Jubilee Collection is both playful and elegant, much like the designer herself. Whatever the endeavor, rest assured it is accomplished with style.

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IG @natalieannettedesign

For inquires call 800-439-9122

Bruce Petricca, Brand Ambassador

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy Of Natalie Annette


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