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Nadja Sayej’s Latest photo book, 'Paparazzi Bitch", Book Launch Highlights

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The Sera Sera Social Club hosted the Paparazzi Bitch book launch by Nadja Sayej. The book features over 100 photos of celebrities taken by photographer and culture journalist, Nadja Sayej, taken over the past 10 years, from New York to Paris, Berlin and Venice.

Model Isabeli Fontana and photographers in Venice by Nadja Sayej

Paris Hilton DJing in Miami's nightclub, The Wall, at W South Beach by Nadja Sayej

Jeff Goldblum signing autographs on the Venice Film Festival red carpet by Nadja Sayej

Jake Gyllenhaal at the Lincoln Center in New York City by Nadja Sayej

Nadja Sayej (author), Eliad Cohen (influencer), Timur Tugberk (influencer), Olga Ferrara (influencer), Victoria Unikel (media mogul), Onicks (musician), Sofie Mählkvist (socialite and philanthropist) among others attended the private event.

The evening began with a psychedelic multi-colored red carpet photo shoot as guests arrived to the private member's club, sipping on cocktails, as a crowd of cultural creatives, notable Miami figures, tastemakers and artists arrived to the esteemed venue.

Nadja Sayej and Miami celebrity Eliad Cohen at the Paparazzi Bitch book launch in Miami

Paparazzi Bitch book cover by Nadja Sayej

About the Book: Paparazzi Bitch by Nadja Sayej

This paperback photography book comes from the lens one culture journalist who has been covering the arts and culture scene for over 10 years, Nadja Sayej.

Featuring celebrities like Lady Gaga, Catherine Deneuve, Spike Lee, Karl Lagerfeld, Tilda Swinton, and more, this book features over 100 photos of celebrities, art stars and fashion luminaries, up close (or as close as she can get). It’s a backstage pass into the lives who dominate our everyday headlines, up close and personal—or at least, captured candidly.

Paparazzi Bitch by Nadja Sayej

  • Primary Category: Entertainment

  • Additional Categories Fine Art Photography, Arts & Photography Books

  • Project Option: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm

  • # of Pages: 136 Softcover

  • ISBN: 9798211876538

  • Publish Date: Nov. 12, 2022

  • Purchase Now

More on Nadja Sayej

Nadja Sayej is a New York-based writer, journalist and photographer who has interviewed over 500 celebrities, from Salma Hayek to Susan Sarandon and David Lynch. As a culture journalist in the game for 15+ years, she has covered celebrity news, music, film, TV and contemporary art for publications like The New York Times, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, VICE and VOGUE, from a critical pop culture lens, while tapping into the bigger picture.

Nadja Sayej is keen to deliver exactly what readers are screaming for—meme-able quotes, hilarious commentary, and unforgettable anecdotes from A-list celebrities, from Robert de Niro to Heidi Klum, all captured in poppy, entertaining detail.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Teo Montoya for Nadja Sayej


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