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MY Self Wellness Ketamine Clinic Announces Appointment of Adam Mitchell

MY Self Wellness, a cutting-edge ketamine clinic and pioneer in the psychedelics space, is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Mitchell, director of clinical research. Mitchell joins the growing MY Self Wellness team that includes a multidisciplinary group of psychiatrists, registered nurses, infusion specialists, and integration specialists. MY Self Wellness exists to assist and empower clients on their health and wellness journey by combining the healing benefits of ketamine with new lifestyle practices for a full mental reset.

Bringing more than 20 years of mental health care and research experience, Mitchell aligns MY Self Wellness’ treatment protocols with best evidenced practices as he supervises the ketamine clinic’s in-house, patient-aligned research investigations. In his day to day, Mitchell assists in treatment and integration and engages in direct client work alongside MY Self Wellness’ clinical team.

He also works alongside MY Self Wellness President & Founder Christina Thomas and Chief Brand Officer Charles Patti on their nonprofit organization Warriors of Consciousness, with the mission to help those who cannot afford psychedelic ketamine therapy treatments. The organization aims to assist those struggling with anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and other mental health conditions. Mitchell shares in the belief that everyone who needs access to these treatments should be able to find hope and healing and not be held back by financial constraints.

While completing his graduate work at Teachers College, Columbia University, Mitchell’s ketamine-specific research focused on neural and hormone specific reactions to ketamine, which mediate development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He earned his bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Religion from Florida State University. Prior to joining MY Self Wellness, Mitchell worked as a mental health consultant and for various organizations in the mental health field.

“In just a short time, Adam has proven to be an invaluable member of our team,” said Thomas. “His comprehensive industry experience and clinical expertise has been instrumental in the growth of MY Self Wellness. We look forward to his continued contributions to the success of our clinic.”

“Adam is always on the quest to learn more about ketamine therapy and how it can help individuals in their journey of healing,” adds Patti. “His guiding belief is that ketamine is a tool that can eliminate obstacles and provide leverage, along with accountability on behalf of the individual to participate in their own care.”

Ketamine is administered in a number of ways, including intravenous infusion (IV), intramuscular injection (IM), intranasally, orally and sublingually (as a dissolving troche or lozenge). Each route varies per individual in the onset of action (time), bioavailability (absorption) and clearing time. Although a response is generally predictable based on past administration, it is possible that a patient may experience different physiological, psychological and emotional effects with the same dose. Treatments begin at $550 per session; most effective regimens include a total of six sessions. The clinic provides compassionate care and features private treatment rooms, an integration lounge, reclining chairs, Bluetooth headphones, blankets and sleep masks.

For more information about MY Self Wellness or to book a treatment, please visit

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of MY Self Wellness


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