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Mr. 305 Launches New CBD Line with Columbia Care

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Columbia Care Inc., one of the largest and most experienced cultivators, manufacturers and providers of cannabis and hemp derived CBD products in the United States, and international superstar Pitbull, today announced the launch of N2P – a new line of high quality, full spectrum CBD products for those seeking to incorporate CBD into their health and wellness routines. N2P seeks to change the negative perception of CBD products and to shine a positive light on the potential of these products, which is what N2P stands for: negative to positive.

“We are committed to changing the conversation around CBD and providing a line of products that people can trust and expect that they’ll receive the best experience possible,” said Jesse Channon, Chief Growth Officer of Columbia Care. “We’ve partnered with Pitbull because of his passion for CBD and high-quality excellence. Together, we’re working to introduce premium, full spectrum CBD products for customers who are enthusiastic about health and wellness, but also for those who are curious about CBD and have been hesitant to try it – we want everyone to be able to change a negative to a positive.”

The N2P product line is formulated with quality in mind. Derived from natural, U.S.-grown hemp, these products are specially designed to tap into the plant’s full potential to help support everyday wellness, such as promoting recovery from exercise, soothing comfort from day-to-day stresses, and supporting natural sleep cycles. The initial product offerings will feature lip balms, salves, tinctures and sour gummies. Chocolate products will be released later in 2021.

“I’m honored to partner with Columbia Care to announce our new CBD line N2P (Negative to Positive),” said Armando Christian Perez (Pitbull). “N2P is an all-natural, high-quality product directed at the therapeutic benefits of CBD. It’s designed to help customers stay focused, positive and feeling their best. It’s our goal to change the perception about the health and wellness benefits of CBD products. We look forward to sharing N2P with fans around the world, Dale!”

At launch, the N2P line includes:

3-pack of Pina Colada Lip Balms (150mg CBD, 50mg per balm)

2oz Relief Salve (250mg CBD)

1oz Star Fruit Tincture (1,000mg CBD, 33.3mg CBD per serving)

30ct. Gummies (750mg CBD, 25mg per gummy)

N2P products will be available in select states for purchase online at and in select Columbia Care dispensaries in Delaware, Maryland and New York. They will also be available at The Green Solution dispensaries in Colorado later this year.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of n2p


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