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Most Desirable Miami Neighborhoods Ranked by Young Adults

Hey there Gen Z! Are you planning to move to Miami anytime soon? If you are, you have made the right choice. Whether you are moving there to start a new job, be closer to your loved one, or just to change things up, be sure that The Magic City will treat you well. There, you will be able to do the job of your dreams and get paid well, live in some of the most amazing real estate properties, and have fun 24/7. But, before you buy that one-way ticket to Miami and start packing your belongings for the move, you will first have to find a place to live. And that starts with finding the right neighborhood! Trust us, your chosen neighborhood can make or break your Miami life. Luckily, you have us! We prepared a list of some of the most desirable Miami neighborhoods ranked by young adults. So, keep on reading before making any decisions.

An aerial view of Miami neighborhoods


Without a doubt, one of the most desirable Miami neighborhoods has to be Brickell. Well, it has to be Brickell if you are a recent graduate looking for a good job, a young professional, or an entrepreneur. Brickell is an urban neighborhood full of young people. Its nickname is 'The Wall Street of the South," so you can also guess that this is predominately a business district. This is a place to move to if you are in need of a job, a good-paying job!

However, we would be lying if we said Brickell is all about work. Quite the contrary - it is full of inspiring things you can do in Miami! For instance, you can see an amazing coastline from all those tall buildings. And, on all those tall buildings, you have rooftop bars, restaurants, and even recreational areas such as tennis courts, golf courts, gyms, etc.

Moreover, Brickell is also rather affordable! There, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for approximately $1,310 a month. Or, if you have some savings, you can buy a nice house for $311,115 (a median purchase value).

A view of tall buildings

If you are a young professional, Brickel is the place for you.

Coconut Grove

If you don't want to live in a concrete jungle and be surrounded by nothing but tall buildings and people in suits, fear not - Miami has many neighborhoods. Try Coconut Grove - maybe one of the most desirable Miami neighborhoods for people who enjoy safety, peace, and quiet. This is a perfect place for young families, for people who like small houses with gardens, and most interestingly, this is a perfect place for those who enjoy arts and culture. The neighborhood is full of green spaces, funky galleries, art festivals, organic farmers markets, eclectic boutiques, and many more.

The advice from City Movers, is that if you like what you hear, well, start packing your bags. And if you need assistance moving to Coconut Grove, get professional movers to help you. But, before you even do that, let us warn you - this Miami neighborhood is expensive! Renting an apartment will cost you around $1,501, while the median purchase price is around $311,115.

Downtown Miami

According to single people in Miami, Downtown Miami is the place to be. This is the center of Miami, so it just goes without saying that this is where you will have many job offerings and many things to do after your working hours and during the weekends. Downtown Miami is the center of all happenings - all the important events, including nightlife, are here. So, if you want to live up a bit, this is a place for you.

And, when you get tired from all the nightlife, you can relax in one of many pools here, or you can attend a fashion show and look at the new swimwear collection at Miami Swim Week. Or, you can go to Bayfront park and get some fresh air. You can also dine in some of the 5-star restaurants and shop 'till you drop in one of many malls here.

But be prepared to pay extra for all of this. Since this is the city center, the prices of pretty much everything tend to be higher. This applies to renting ($1,272), buying a home ($273,208), shopping, dining, entertainment, etc.

The view of Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami is a great place for those who need to hustle and have fun at the same time.

Little Havana

This neighborhood in Miami is heaven for Cuban ex-pats. It is a place where Hispanic, Latin-American, and American cultures meet. You will see authentic Cuban cafes, food trucks, cigar bars, and the most colorful street art you have ever seen wherever you go. The center of happening is in Calle Ocho - a place where everybody gathers, talks, and has fun. Moreover, Little Havana is also a very safe neighborhood and a neighborhood with affordable real estate options. You can rent a home here for as little as $1,000!

Moreover, if you are on a low budget, you can consider living in Little Havana and commuting to work in Downtown Miami. These two neighborhoods are bordering and have a well-developed transportation system. Then, one day, when you save some money and decide to move closer to work, you can engage experts in the process; that is, you can seek help from professional local movers.

A man playing guitar on the streets of Little Havana.

Little Havana is one of the very authentic and charming Miami neighborhoods.


One of the last but certainly not the least most desirable Miami neighborhoods has to be Wynwood. This rather small neighborhood used to be a warehouse district. But, today, it is known to be Miami's most well-known art district. Yes, here, you can find art on the street, but you can also find it in cafes, restaurants, and of course, in galleries and museums. Believe it or not, Wynwood is home to more than 70 arts and galleries! So, if you are an art enthusiast, any city guide to living in Miami will advise you to come here.

This is still not a very expensive neighborhood - renting is approximately $1,196, while buying is $156,805. And, when it comes to real estate options, well, they are not very diverse. Most of the homes here are in the form of a building. So, living in an apartment is the only way to go.

Final words on Miami neighborhoods

We have mentioned some of the most desirable Miami neighborhoods ranked by young adults. Still, the truth is, there are many more. Miami is home to 25 neighborhoods, so be sure to do some research on your own too.

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