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Morton Street Partners & Meyers Manx Present Special Mid-Century Vehicle Design Exhibition

Morton Street Partners, the curatorial project merging the worlds of contemporary art and collectible cars in the heart of the West Village, has partnered with Meyers Manx to present Winter Surf, an immersive exhibition that explores the inventive spirit of mid-twentieth century vehicle design and its associations with freedom and adventure. The show sparks conversations about the impact of technology on our relationship with nature and showcases vehicles including Steve McQueen’s iconic Meyers Manx dune buggy from The Thomas Crown Affair, a French off-road prototype known as “the Shake” designed by Italian coachbuilders Bertone, a Citroën Méhari, and a 1960s Bultaco motorcycle converted into a snowmobile.

The exhibition highlights the aesthetic appeal and cultural significance of the dune buggy as a symbol of rebellion and counterculture. Through this exhibition, Morton Street Partners continues its commitment to promoting the conservation of material culture and the scholarship that provides context for the automobile's place within the art world. Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to learn about the rich history and evolution of the dune buggy, as well as the craftsmanship and design that goes into creating these unique vehicles. The exhibition also encourages visitors to consider the changing role of the automobile in contemporary culture, and to reflect on the ways in which the car continues to inspire and challenge our ideas about art and design. American men’s clothing brand and surf company Noah has provided the custom-shaped surfboards on display and for sale during the duration of the Winter Surf exhibition.

“There are few vehicles that have had such a lasting impression on pop culture as the Meyers Manx, so we are incredibly excited to have such rich source material for this exhibition– examining it as both as an object of modern design and of cultural permanence. The irony of a dune buggy exhibition taking place in Manhattan during the coldest season of the year is not lost on us– the idea of surfing the sand dunes during a snowstorm was simply too intriguing to ignore.” – says Jake Auerbach, Founding Partner, Morton Street Partners

The Meyers Manx was created in 1964 by Bruce Meyers as a go-anywhere dune buggy dedicated to adventure and fun. His groundbreaking creation became an American classic for both its whimsical design and its remarkable performance. Manxes did it all: In 1967, after breaking the speed and time records for driving the distance of Baja and winning the inaugural Mexican 1000 outright in the same year, the roadster was driven by everyone from Elvis to Steve McQueen. This quintessentially Californian icon became a pop culture cornerstone of the 1960s and 70s.

“The Meyers Manx has always been a symbol of joy, simplicity and purity. It’s the solution to the complexity of life. Continuing the legacy of the Meyers Manx connects us with the optimism of the 1960’s California culture, an optimism we all can share.” — adds Phillip Sarofim, Chairman, Meyers Manx.

Winter Surf will be on view through January 28, 2023 at Morton Street Partners.

Images by Rose Copper, Malibu @hagop

By ML Staff. Images by Thomas Crown Affair - St. Moritz, @fabriziodaloisio


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