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More Than 40% of Avianca's Team Members Are Women, With Over 400 Serving in Leadership Roles

Avianca Airlines announced that more than 40% of its team is comprised women with over 400 team leaders, including seven vice presidents, 28 directors, 170 managers and more than 200 coordinators. This represents 48% of leadership roles within the company, spanning both administrative and operational domains. Thus, the airline continues to demonstrate its commitment to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion within the aviation industry.

Out of the total of 5,900 women on its team, 70% hold operational positions, including over 130 female pilots, more than 90 maintenance technicians and over 1,700 cabin crew members, among other roles. The remaining 30% work in administrative areas, such as in finance or law.

On the other hand, as one of its initiatives to increase female participation in the industry, the airline announced the graduation of the first exclusive generation of female pilots, composed of 12 graduates who are currently employed by the company. This announcement was accompanied by the launch of the "The Sky Is Theirs" program, which aims to provide educational opportunities for women interested in the aviation industry. The program offers 20 scholarships, providing 100% financing for commercial pilot training at five of the best aviation schools in Colombia. Through these efforts, the company aims to establish a deeper presence in the regions and communities where it operates, contributing to their social and economic development.

“We firmly believe that airlines must be leaders in diversity and equity, especially given that we serve as the window helping open and broaden our view of the world—its destinations, cultures, religions, gastronomy, opinions and visions,” said Paola Villota, vice president of Human Resources at Avianca. “Moreover, we recognize the importance of diversity in talent, gender, race, disability and growth opportunities.”

At Avianca, we embrace diversity as part of our DNA and celebrate it daily, both within and outside the company,” Villota continued. “With our employees, we are committed to fostering a fairer environment with equal opportunities for all. Above all, we understand that, as leaders, one of the most powerful tools to promote diversity and equity is the example we set for our teams by internalizing and adopting inclusive behaviors.”

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Avianca's


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