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Mirleft: A Secret Paradise in Morocco

This year, we traveled to Morocco and uncover Mirleft. This beautiful and diverse country is filled with varied landscape and a rich culture.


The languages spoken in Morocco are standard Arabic and Tamazight. However, if you speak French it will be very easy to get around because it is the second language for many Moroccans. If you are staying in any big city in Morocco, many people will speak English, as well if you stay at a resort. The total flight duration is 9 hours 28 minutes and there is a direct flight from MIA with Royal Air Maroc to Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport.

You do not need a visa to visit Morocco if you have a US passport, and you may stay in Morocco for 90 days. In general, most travelers will not need vaccinations. However, the WHO recommends you to have a few vaccinations such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Rabies, Meningitis, Polio, and Tetanus, if you don’t already have them.

Regarding currency, the official currency of Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham. 1 Dirham is equal to 0.10 United States Dollar and there are many currency exchange offices located around the country.


Deep in Southern Morocco, there is a paradise that few people know of called Mirleft. Away from big cities and nestled in the hills, you will find this quaint town. The stretch of coastline that runs along it boasts an ocean with billowing white waves flowing from the turquoise water, with sand that is soft to the touch, and that gently massages your feet as you stroll along the shores. When you drive down the coast, there is a stunning view of the ocean that is always accompanying you.

This secluded oasis lets you escape from the stress of the outside world. The beaches stretch far into the sunset and the water seems to be perfectly engineered for the pure act of taking a dip in, after spending a long day in the hot desert sun.

Although the beaches are the ideal place to swim, sunbathe, fish, or take walks along the shore - even more than that, they are the perfect place to escape. Escape from stress, and escape from the sometimes overbearing load of technology we are bombarded with every day. Most of the time you will feel as if you are on your own private beach, primarily because most of the time only local fisherman frequent these beaches.

In Mirleft you are transported back in time to somewhere that is genuine uncommercial, with the kindest people, that live a simple, but beautiful life. The beaches are one of Morocco’s best kept secrets, not to mention a surfers’ paradise. You are away from the hustle and bustle and instead you are surrounded by smiling faces, and neighbors that are speaking to one another of their days. This hilltop town that lies beside the coast, is filled with only small shops, restaurants, and a market. The food here makes you feel close to the earth, as you buy your fresh meat and produce from the market which sources locally from the surrounding farms. Many Europeans inhabit the town as well, along with the local people, purely because they fell in love with the pure magic that this place offers.


Just outside of Mirleft there is a beautiful retreat located steps from the beach called: Mimid Beach Resort and Spa. This resort is open year round with a restaurant, bar, pools, and DJ so, you can enjoy from sunrise until sunset. There is a stunning view of the ocean from the rooms and they are located just beside the pool area. Currently this resort is preparing for a grand reopening within these months, so it is the perfect time to visit. Another option is: Un thé au bout du monde, this beautiful resort features a bar, restaurant, garden, and is located centrally in Mirleft which makes is another excellent choice regarding accommodation.

This beautiful destination makes you feel as if this is the type of lifestyle that has somehow been forgotten in our modern world, with stress and schedules dictating most of our days now. It is refreshing to be able to feel every moment of life as they do here and take that feeling with us home, wherever that may be.

Words by Emma Flodin Lahsini. Follow Emma travels through the unique country of Morocco on our YouTube channel, The Lahsinizz.  Follow Emma at @thelahsinizz and @lahsinimouad 


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