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Michael Kors & Cindy Mccain Hosted Reception in Support of The World Food Programme (WFP)

An intimate reception to honor the 10th anniversary of Watch Hunger Stop, Michael Kors’ hunger-fighting initiative in support of the World Food Programme (WFP). Designer Michael Kors hosted the event with Cindy McCain, WFP’s Executive Director, at the United Nations Headquarters. Halle Berry, who joined Michael 10 years ago for the launch of Watch Hunger Stop, was in attendance to show her ongoing support.

The evening kicked off with remarks by Kors and McCain to acknowledge WFP’s life-changing work around the world and the 30 million school meals that Watch Hunger Stop has supported in the decade since its inception. Kors also announced that the company would be raising its level of support for WFP from donating the equivalent of 3 million to 4 million meals annually, effective this year. The event was an affirmation by all assembled to continue the fight to reach Zero Hunger.

Michael Kors, Halle Berry, Hayley Atwell, Alina Cho, Valentina Ferrara, Tina Leung, Olivia Perez, Sai Di Silva , Jessica Wang, He Sui, Bryanboy, Tamara Kalinic, Davika Hoorne, Mika Hashizume, Farida Khelfa, Camila Alives and more.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Michael Kors/Watch Hunger Stop


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