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Miami Women's Athleisure Brand Reveals Summer Collection, Expands Into Midtown Miami Retail Market 

Miami’s leading premium women’s athleisure brand, FFGAINS, just unveiled its newest Summer 24’ Essentials collection on and is expanding into retail, now exclusively selling select ensembles in Midtown Miami’s premiere lagree fitness studio, MegaLit (3223 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137). 

Redefining women’s athleisure apparel with style, functionality and inclusive sizing, FFGAINS has made a name for itself offering a great selection of comfortable sets and one-pieces perfect for an active day of pickleball, yoga or an afternoon jog. 

MegaLit and FFGAINS have partnered up to provide Miami’s fitness fashionistas with exclusive in-person retail shopping access to a select part of the FFGAINS new Summer 24’ Essentials Collection. Originally founded by local South Florida technologist, model and entrepreneur Jessyka Castillo, FFGAINS has blossomed into an innovative women’s athleisure brand that every woman can feel strong and confident in, no matter if they are curvy, slim or a little bit in the middle. FFGAINS has gained traction with a number of women because it’s not just another fashion brand, but a brand with a purpose dedicated to promoting daily movement necessary for mental health wellness. 

The FFGAINS brand offers transitional styles that make it easy for ladies to go from running errands to working out and joining friends for lunch, while offering exceptional quality, functionality and inclusive sizing designed to compliment all body types and skin tones alike. 

As lagree continues to grow in popularity and MegaLit’s fitness summer classes continue gaining popularity, FFGAINS’ fashion designer, Jessyka Castillo, knew partnering with the fitness studio was the perfect first step into brick-and-mortar retail. “Whether you want to look and feel fierce in your next lagree fitness class, lounge at home and binge watch your favorite Netflix series or hit happy hour, FFGains athlesiure offers a variety of styles for women to choose from for nearly any occasion,” Castillo said. 

The Lagree method, also known as 'Megaformer' pilates, relies on intense, isometric movements that are low-impact, but offer a high-intensity workout that tightens and tones in as little as 20-minutes and ultimately improves overall cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, core strength, balance, & flexibility.

FFGAINS is providing MegaFit lagree fitness guests access to a limited and vibrant selection of the new Summer Essentials collection with this new retail expansion. “We’re offering FFGAINS women’s fitness athleisure leggings and skirt sets in Miami Yellow and Kentucky (Cobalt) Blue under this new collaboration. Class attendees or fitness enthusiasts visit the studio and shop while MegaFit is open for classes— current available sizing includes Small, Medium and Large,” Castillo said. 

Retail location: MegaLit

Retail Address: 3223 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137. 

Hours of operation: 6AM - 8PM 

MegaLit phone number: (305) 340-1042

Fitness + Financial Gains™ is a Miami-based local community incubator featuring a variety of events with a supportive women’s athleisure fashion brand. Founded in 2022 by Afro-Latina model, engineer and serial entrepreneur, Jessyka Castillo, FFGAINS has exponentially expanded its event programming to include in-person and virtual wellness events that focus on financial, philanthropic, entertainment, sports/exercise and social networking. FFGAINS also hosts mastermind planning & coaching sessions to help early stage CEOs and entrepreneurs strategically develop and implement proactive financial & fitness mindset tools that will ultimately increase participants' professional and personal growth. So far, FFGAINS has successfully launched in Miami, Washington, D.C. & Los Angeles, with additional expansion plans slated for later this year including hosting international annual wellness retreats. Follow @FitnessFinancialGains on Instagram for the latest updates and events and shop FFGAINS athleisure at Follow @JessykaTheModel on Instagram for daily updates about all things lifestyle, fashion, events, finance and more.

By ML Staff. Images by Diana Davance


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