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Miami’s Hot Pink Moment: Barbie’s Dream Office Launches at Quest Workspaces

With more than 200 jobs listed on her resume, Barbie was among the first to prove women can do it all. Now, anyone can work from her glossy desk for free, thanks to the launch of the “Barbie Dream Office” at Quest Workspaces’ Downtown Miami location at 1395 Brickell Ave., just in time for the upcoming movie premiere on July 21.

Barbie broke the glass ceiling in the 1980s with the debut of “Day to Night” CEO Barbie, just as women began to break into the C-suite.

Quest Workspaces, the largest women-owned coworking brand in the U.S., has long championed “resimercial” design, which showcases elements of home decor in commercial office spaces. So it’s no surprise that its new Barbie-themed office, showered in a palette of hot pink and bedazzled with glitter and sequins, looks straight out of the film’s Barbieland.

“With more than 200 jobs listed on her resume– Barbie was the first to prove women can do it all," said Laura Kozelouzek, CEO & Founder of Quest Workspaces. “As the largest woman-owned shared workspace company in the country, it makes sense we align with the pop-culture phenomena that is the release of the Barbie movie. It’s also an opportunity for us to showcase how Quest Workspaces is both effective and FUN. The immersive Barbie Dream Office brings is the perfect opportunity for us to co-create and engage with our members while sharing our brand culture with broader audiences.”

From July 17 to August 31, the Barbie Dream Office can be reserved for free by emailing: It can be rented by the month starting September 1.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Quest Work Spaces


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