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Miami Living's Favorite Spots for Breads, Cakes & Pastries

Savor your taste buds with some delightful bakeries right here in Miami. Here are some of our favorites!

From delicious sandwiches, exquisite salads and hot soups to a unique line of desserts and cakes, Pastry is Art Bakery Cafe does it well. Award-winning Chef Rissone is the artistic genius behind every mouth-watering pastry, every sensuous dessert and each sumptuous cake that is produced.

Address: 12591 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181

Telephone: (305) 603-9340

Website: Pastryisart

Atelier Monnier is The French Bakery is meant for your breakfast, brunch and lunch and to reward yourself, celebrate or party. They have four locations in Miami and offer freshly made pastries, coffees, sandwiches, salads,  macarons, cakes, tarts, ice cream, sorbets, Belgian chocolates, and artisanal breads. All of their products are made with fresh and natural ingredients, locally crafted and exquisitely balanced, so you can enjoy the spectacular experience from the very first bite.

Address: 1300 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Telephone: (786) 359-4033

Maintaining their quality and tradition, La Parisienne Bakery has applied a simple philosophy: use traditional methods with the finest of ingredients and a slow fermentation process to produce high quality artisanal breads. This place has mouthwatering breads' collection that will make you wonder-stricken for sure.

Address: 1909 NE 154th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Telephone: (305) 948-9979

Every morning , Maison Valentine's chefs prepare their fresh delicacies & desserts. The warm smell of baking often escapes onto the street before they've even opened. Maison Valentine is a cozy hidden french pastry in Miami Beach offering comfortable seating inside with free wifi. You can also enjoy their patio in sunny days.  Maison Valentine is inspired by Valentine grandmother's cousin who devoted herself to her family. "Granny Vava was an outstanding cook. Her Pâtisserie (pastry) was always fresh and simple. It was the kind of dessert that every bit was memorable."

Address: 1112 15th Street, Miami Beach, Florida 33139, United States

Telephone: (786) 535-1432

Patrick Baboun became a baker by happy circumstance. He was on vacation in Montreal when he bought a baguette and some cheese. He ate the bread and wanted more, but the bakery was closed. For the first time, he began thinking about how great the bread is made. After a few calls, he began an apprenticeship at a Canadian bakery, followed by years of work under French master bakers. You can taste the results at his bakery, Delices de France, in a shopping center off South Dixie Highway in Pinecrest (the main sign simply says, "French Bakery"). Loyal customers come for the crusty loaves, buttery croissants, creamy mini quiche, and incredible cakes, pastries, muffins, and tarts. Bread is baked on the premises, so the air wafts with the good scent of yeasty dough. 

Address: 14453 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33176

Telephone: (305) 256-9700

Words By Sumbal Kuraishi. Images courtesy of bakeries featured in this story.


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